Friday, May 5, 2017

Interesting Facts About DaVinci Robotic Surgery Houston

By Steven Howard

It is a well known fact that just about everyone will have to have an operation at least once in their lives. Anyone that has had an operation knows there are certain risks to getting any kind of surgical procedure. Even with common and simple operations, there is a risk factor to take in consideration. Many times, it is not the patients choice to have the procedure, it is a matter of living life normally. There is a robot that helps reduce the risks associated with surgical procedures and actually helps the patient recovery quicker than normal. The development of this robot helps keep accidents in the operating room down to a minimum. If you live in Texas and must have an operation, ask your doctor or surgeon about DaVinci robotic surgery Houston.

The robot was created and developed by an American company called Intuitive Surgical to help reduce the stress and dangers of certain surgeries. Since its approval by the FDA in the year 2000, it has assisted or performed countless procedures across the world. It has been proven to help lower the risk of accidents in the operating room as well as decrease the time it takes for the patient to recover.

When using the robot, the surgeon has complete control of it. It has a console that the doctor uses to control the units arms. The wrists of the unit are more flexible and can get into positions that the human hand cannot. The steadiness and flexibility combined make the operation go more smoothly and gives the patient less of a chance of mishaps and blood loss.

There are a few different types of operations that can be assisted by the robot. Some of the most popular types of procedures are the removal of prostates and hysterectomies. Using the unit during an operation is growing in popularity and it is used in many life saving procedures.

It is often used in heart surgeries and other complicated procedures making the unit a must has in bigger hospitals around the world. The robot is capable of doing life improving operations with shorter recovery times. This creates more open beds in the hospital, cutting down on medical bills.

When the unit is used in laparoscopic procedures, it greatly reduces the stress of the surgeon and attending physician. This type of procedure is usually performed while the surgeon is standing up using instruments that are not necessarily designed for this type of operation. When the robot is used, the surgeon has his eyes on the patient while controlling the arms and hands of the unit. He can often do this while he is in a sitting position, therefore a twelve hour surgery is not as hard on his back and legs. Because he does not have to check a nearby monitor to see his performance, there is a lot less stress on him mentally as well.

Many say the robot is overpriced and it costs too much to maintain and keep running smoothly. To others, the price is worth it when they can give their patients a quicker recovery from a surgery that went smoothly and did not cause much blood loss.

To know more about this helpful robot, go online and do a little research. If you are getting an operation performed, ask your doctor if using it is a possibility. There are many robots across the world, chances are there is one near you.

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