Thursday, May 4, 2017

Treating Weight Problems Through Lap Band Surgery Houston

By Jennifer Baker

Weight loss surgery has been around for many years. Newer techniques are being developed everyday to make the process safer and more effective. Of the newest procedures is the lap band surgery, which is a safer alternative compared to the permanent gastric bypass. Lap band surgery Houston is done at friendly costs and is very effective at treating obesity.

The gastric band is a prosthetic device which is fixed at the upper part of the stomach using keyhole laparoscopic procedure. This creates a pouch at the upper part of the stomach whose capacity is about 50ml. Since it is small, it fills with food quickly and slows down passage of food to the lower part of the stomach. With this kind of procedure, no part of the stomach is cut neither does it involve removal of any part of the digestive system.

The gastric band is a silicone prosthetic device which is fixed on the upper part of the stomach using laparoscopic surgery. This creates a small pouch which holds a very small amount of food. It has a capacity of about 50ml therefore fills quickly and slowly allows passage of food into the lower stomach. The unique feature with this procedure is that no part of the digestive system is cut or removed from the system.

After this procedure is carried out, the patient is required to eat much less, thoroughly chew the food and eat at a slow pace. Initially, the results of weight loss will less significant but over five year period, the outcome will be much visible.

When doing your research about this procedure, you will come across the risks, possible complications and the benefits that arise on undergoing it. There are also a number of side effects that you will need to be aware of and determine if you can handle them before the procedure. The pace at which the results of the treatment come also differs among patients. Weight loss may be faster and more pronounced for some patients unlike others.

Following the procedure there are numerous complications that can develop over the next few months or so. They may be serious or mild depending on the immediate cause. The strict dietary restriction after the procedure if not adhered to could cause the same. The patient must avoid solid food until after some recommended time. The diet strictly includes liquid food at least for a number of days.

Some of the risks to be concerned about while undergoing lap band are reaction to anesthesia and the pre existing diseases that may lead to complications. Those that relate to the weight problems are of great concern therefore precaution must be put in place. The biggest risk while undergoing this procedure is gastric perforation. This is a tear in the wall of the stomach and it can occur during the surgery. If not detected and treated early, the perforation could cause serious complications in the digestive system.

The surgery is becoming common as many more surgeons can perform it. The costs of undergoing this procedure have also gone down over the years due to availability of qualified surgeons. If considering this procedure for the treatment of obesity, it is important to budget effectively so as to be able to cater for the numerous associated costs in addition to the surgical fees. In Houston, having a health insurance policy will ease the burden of undergoing this procedure.

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