Friday, January 4, 2019

Administering Atherosclerosis Supplements As Part Of A Doctor Prescribed Treatment Course

By Arthur Wagner

Atherosclerosis, put simply, is the narrowing of the arteries. It is also sometimes referred to as clogged arteries or narrowed arteries. Such is due to the accumulation of plaque which is composed of various substances usually found in the bloodstream such as cholesterol, fat and calcium. Due to today's unhealthy diet and lifestyle, it is a problem being faced by many. It's for this reason why the current market is flooded with a wide variety of atherosclerosis supplements.

Severe cases of it usually require surgery. There are two kinds of surgical solutions available. One is the placing of a stent in order to allow blood to flow through the affected artery without trouble. The other is bypass surgery which basically entails harvesting a healthy blood vessel from some other part of the body and using it to supply the heart with blood.

Undergoing an operation, however, is not the only solution around. A few conservative approaches may be done if the case is mild to moderate. The intake of certain medications is one of them. Your doctor may prescribe different types of drugs, depending on which one of them will benefit you more. There is something that is meant for keeping hypertension at bay. Another is designed to lower the levels of harmful cholesterol in your bloodstream. Then there's a medication intended for preventing a blood clot from forming.

As with the case of taking any other pharmaceutical remedy, drugs for clogged arteries are known to cause a bunch of side effects. Some are insignificant while others can be quite meddlesome. The administration of drugs, needless to say, calls for having the benefits and risks weighed carefully. If the cons undeniably outweigh the pros, then a different treatment course is usually taken into account by doctors and their patients.

The good news is there are so many supplementary products available for individuals whose arteries are clogged. However, not all of them can provide impressive results. In fact, some of these commodities may do more harm than good.

Still it's not fair to assume that supplementing is not an option. According to scientific investigations, some of those products are actually favorable for the management of clogged arteries. Some of them may be more common than you think.

A really popular supplement for someone with a problem regarding the arteries is garlic oil. Just like what the name says, it is obtained from garlic which is a very popular culinary as well as medicinal herb. For so many years now, garlic is revered for its ability to lower the blood pressure, thin the blood and prevent blood clots from forming. Individuals who do not have the budget to get their hands on garlic oil may simply include fresh garlic more often in their diet.

When planning on relying on any supplementary product, it's important for the individual to first inform his or her doctor. This is most especially true if certain medications are already being taken. Further, supplementing alone won't provide expected results. It's important to have it paired with healthy eating and living.

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