Saturday, February 2, 2019

Tips For Angina Relief Treatments

By Paul Hill

You may be suffering from a blocked artery if you find yourself having shooting pains in your chest on a regular basis. Lifestyle choices are largely responsible for these blockages. Luckily, angina relief can be found.

When you are diagnosed your physician will first determine the variety of arterial blockage that you have developed. Chronic stable, as well as unstable angina, are the two varieties that are the most likely. The chronic stable is characterized by pain resulting from a hardworking heart while unstable angina is characterized by increasing pain and will often require hospitalization.

However, the milder forms of this condition will not require any hospitalization. Chronic stable angina occurs when your heart needs to pump harder for more oxygen, which leads to pain in the chest. With this condition, the pain will usually subside after a short period of rest. The pain will usually present as a consistent, stable ache that is triggered by physical exertion.

The second most common variety is the most serious. Although the pain will be the same type as in the milder form of angina, however, it will gradually become more intense. If you believe that you suffer from this condition the best idea is to see your doctor as soon as possible. They will most likely prescribe several medications or probably place a stent. This is a procedure where a small tube is placed in the artery to keep it open. If the blockage is severe you may be sent for coronary bypass surgery.

If you are diagnosed with this condition you will be prescribed a variety of different drugs to help your body recover. One of these highly effective drugs is aspirin. This drug improves blood flow by making the blood thin. Another common prescription is for nitrates. They allow the arteries to become wider and relaxed to allow for increased blood flow.

If your condition has progressed to one of the later stages you may need surgical intervention. A stent may be placed or your doctor will decide that you need an angioplasty. During this procedure, your doctor will insert a small balloon into the artery that is blocked. They do this by inserting a catheter into the artery through your groin. The angioplasty will help to open up the artery, however, it will not prevent additional blockages from forming.

Lifestyle changes are the most effective way to provide your body with relief. If you smoke you should stop eating immediately. It is also a good idea to stop consuming unhealthy fats and replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein. You should also try to move more and exercise as often as you can. This will help to keep your heart healthy while also helping you to maintain a normal healthy weight.

Although this condition can be life-threatening a few small changes will help you reverse the effects. Get into the habit of healthy living and take your prescribed medications and you will avoid serious complications related to your disease.

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