Saturday, June 3, 2017

Homeopathic Medicine Houston Texas Way

By Michelle Price

Homeopathy treats disorders by using tiny (sub-microscopic) amounts of any one or combination of a myriad of substances. The therapeutic substance is chosen according to symptoms displayed by a person, not all of which are directly related to the illness. This system of treatment was developed in the late eighteenth century by a German physician. It's easy to find homeopathic medicine Houston, Texas, since it's use is widespread all over the world.

It's interesting that this form of treatment is reviled by many and yet so widely used. 'Experts' declare that this 'pseudoscience' is totally useless. However, millions flock to health food stores, holistic clinics, and pharmacies to buy their favorite remedies. Try telling the mountain biking world that arnica montana 30X won't help them recover from a strenuous week-end, and see what happens.

Tissue salts are low potency remedies that thousands of parents depend on for childhood ills. Ferr phos 6X will keep a fever under dangerous limits while still allowing it to work against infection. This approach has no known side effects - after centuries of use - unlike other medicines made for children.

Medicine should 'do no harm'. Western medicine, based on symptom relief and the idea that one drug fits all patients, has seemingly forgotten this principle. As long as symptoms are relieved, side effects may be ignored. If they do occur, then negative reactions to the drug will be addressed by other medications.

Millions prefer to use homeopathy. The FDA-approved and regulated remedies could, as the 'experts' attest, have only a placebo effect. If that is true, so what? If this placebo effect is so powerful, why not harness it and escape the possible consequences of pharmaceutical drug use. If the patient was going to recover anyway, why prescribe strong and possibly injurious drugs?

Relief from aches and pains, nerve pain after surgery or a visit to the dentist, allergy symptoms, the common cold and the flu, the agony of sciatica - all of this has been experienced by those who use homeopathy. The remedies help with skin rashes, acne, warts, bladder infections, nervous tension and anxiety, and depression. All of this relief comes without addiction, toxic reactions, or negative effects on the internal organs.

The man who developed this system was an eighteenth-century German physician. He saw both the benefits and the horrific results of his profession. Many feel that he must have been guided by God to create a system that so many find helpful if not life-saving. He tried his theories on himself, basing his research on the idea that a substance that would produce certain symptoms when taken in large doses could cure those symptoms when used in minute amounts.

There is a lot more to the method, including diluting natural substances to the point where they apparently disappear but making them more potent by agitating the dilution at regular intervals. The study of this is fascinating. There are many practitioners of the art in Houston, Texas. You can also buy the lower potency remedies over the counter, without a prescription.

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