Monday, December 3, 2018

Obtaining Type 1 Diabetes Support On The Web Helps Keep Complications At Bay

By Matthew Morgan

According to health authorities, about 1.25 million people in the United States are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. There is no known cure for it to date. However, it can be effectively controlled through regular administering of insulin as well as going for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Failure to manage the disease can lead to complications, many of which can be quite serious. Seeking type 1 diabetes support online can help in keeping the risks at bay, and some of them are briefly discussed below.

High blood pressure. Poor management of blood sugar levels can cause damage to the blood vessels. Such can give rise to high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is always outside of what's regarded as the healthy range, various organs of the body may be at risk and the heart is one of those.

Eye problems. Some of the organs that hypertension may damage are your eyes. Such can be blamed on the fact that the retina may not get much needed nutrients and oxygen as a result of blood vessel damage. Your retina consists of cells that are sensitive to light, and it is tasked at gathering images that are sent to your brain.

Damage to the nerves. Elevated levels of blood glucose can cause damage to the nerves one day. Those that are principally affected are situated in the extremities. This is why a diabetic who fails to properly control the disease may suffer from achy hands, arms, legs and feet. In some cases, damage to an individual's nerves can cause pins and needles or burning sensation in the extremities. At times weakness, heaviness and numbness may be encountered as well.

Limb amputation. Nerves damage can diminish sensation in the feet significantly. It's because of this exactly why diabetics are at risk of having open sores in their lower extremities. What's more, it is normal for a diabetic's wound to heal very slowly. Infection of an open sore may warrant an amputation. In some instances only a toe may have to be removed surgically, but at times the foot or leg itself may need to be amputated.

Kidney damage. Doctors confirm that that 1 in every 4 diabetic people suffers from kidney disease. It is a must for the kidneys to stay healthy. The said beans-shaped vital organs carry out an assortment of important tasks. As an example, they normalize fluid levels and detoxify the blood, too.

Heart disease. Doctors confirm that the number one cause of loss of lives on the face of the planet is heart disease. Those who are diabetics are at higher risk of developing heart disease sooner or later. This is most especially true if they are unable to keep at bay high blood pressure, which is regarded as a risk factor for heart disease.

Pregnancy problems. Having elevated levels of blood sugar can be dangerous not only for a pregnant woman but also the growing baby inside her womb. Health authorities say that poor control of one's blood sugar may increase risk of miscarriages, stillbirths and also birth defects.

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