Monday, February 20, 2017

Importance Of Seeking Services From Couples Therapy Orange County CA

By Andrew Evans

The counselling services provided by Couples Therapy assist individuals who are married or those engaged and preparing to get married. This is whereby Couples Therapy Orange County CA educate couples on problem solving skills and ways to deal with family and marriage challenges.

People in relationships seek counselling services for different reasons, this ranges from communication problems, power struggle sexual dissatisfaction to infidelity. Most importantly counselling is often recommended as soon as one feels discontented with the relationship.

However, most studies show that people only seek marriage counselling services after being in unhappy relationship for averagely six years. Notably the more the time elapses the harder it is to repair such relationship. In a case where a couple have decided to separate they can seek this services in order to end their relationship respectfully and amicably.

When one is preparing for marriage they too need to seek counselling services. However, while seeking such services, one need to consider choosing licensed and trained therapists. Qualified professionals are able to assist the client to explore a number of areas causing dissatisfaction or conflict in marriage or relationship.

During the premarital counselling sessions, the partners will have an opportunity to discuss personal values, divergence opinions, their expectations in marriage. The couples might also get the opportunity to uncover issues which they did not intend to discuss but could be beneficial to the relationship.

Getting effective and qualified therapist will assist one in addressing numerous aspects of the marriage which are source of conflicts. Most studies have identified communication skills as the major cause of conflicts in a relationship. For instant heated arguments often results into conflicts that might bring unhappiness in the marriage.

A trained therapist will be able to follow appropriate strategies that will assist you in solving your problems. They are able to come up with effective plan that meet the unique challenges faced by clients. They often begin by assisting the clients to understand why the need to have healthy communication skills, regulate their emotions and often remain calm. Through this, clients are assisted to improve their communication skills.

The success of the counselling sessions is dependent on the motivation of all individuals involved in the process. That includes be able to support each other during the process. On the onset, all the partners are required to set goals for the counselling sessions. That is what they intend to achieve at the end of the process under the guidance of the therapist. The second stage is identifying responsibilities of each individuals. It essential to come up with key responsibilities for each person to achieve the set goals. In most cases conflicts, does not arises during the counselling sessions and ethical therapist often strive not to take sides and remain neutral during the sessions.

In most cases the sessions are held weekly however, this might vary depending on the needs of the clients. In some cases, the therapist might offer supplemental individuals sessions. The couple need to decide on whether they want to do the sessions together or not. They are also supposed to agree on the best time for the sessions and the venue which is convenient to all of them. In addition, one can choose to stop or change the therapist at any time.

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