Sunday, April 9, 2017

Essential Details And Things To Prepare For Sleeve Gastrectomy

By Cynthia Cox

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical procedure for losing weight by removing the majority of the stomach. It permanently reduces the size of the stomach and it cannot be reversed anymore. Those who underwent this surgery feels less hungry and feel fuller faster than usual after eating.

There are many people having problems about their weight and being sick because of it and others are even considered as obese. A solution to these problems is by undergoing sleeve gastrectomy Rockland County New York. The following are some essential details and things to prepare for it.

Start searching on the internet for hospitals or clinics that can perform this procedure. You can also ask your family and friends for recommendations on where or who to acquire the services of. Ask them of their experiences if ever they also or know someone who underwent one and if there are no problems or side effects as a result of it.

Check who are the doctors assigned to perform this and do a background check on their credentials and qualifications. Get to know if they are licensed to perform this operation and how many times have they performed it. This would show you how experienced they are in performing this and they have lesser chances of them making a mistake.

Read reviews and testimonials online about them and visit their websites too. You will be able to read the experiences of those who have undergone this process and see if there are any complaints against them from their patients. These information could probably be found in their website or in forums related to this topic.

Request for some references such as previous patients you can talk to and ask about the experiences they had before, during and after the surgery. Showing hesitation on their part in providing you with some references might indicate that they are hiding something. If their concern is the privacy of their previous patients then they can ask permission first if it is alright with them if you will ask them questions.

Inquire how much the operation will cost and how many hours you need to stay in the hospital after it is done. The total cost needs to include all medicines and other charges you have to pay when you will be operated. If you have an insurance, this will help lessen the amount you have to pay out of your own pocket.

Preparing yourself before the procedure is important to do and here are some of them that you need to follow. Changing your diet and what you eat so your body can prepare better for the operation and start doing this two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Have some loose clothes prepared as well so you can wear them in order not to feel the soreness that much.

Quit smoking a month before in order to avoid having any complications in the surgery and you will recover faster. Some doctors based in New York will refuse in performing it if you still smoke. Follow the given instructions by the doctor after the surgery for your fast recovery.

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