Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Learn More About DaVinci Robotic Surgery Houston

By Kenneth Murray

Science and technology affect all fields and sectors. There have been developments of robots that are used in all spheres of life to making work easier and more efficient. In medicine robots are used in surgery rooms, an example being the DaVinci robotic surgery Houston.

This system works hand in hand with a surgical system that comprises of the console which is the operation platform, a side robotic cart with four robotic arms and three-dimensional vision systems. Surgical tools are mounted on the three robotic arm while the fourth one controls the camera. The whole system is controlled by the surgeon while the camera provides a three-dimensional magnified video image used by the operating surgeon to monitor the surgery.

The computerized approach ensures that the operation is not invasive in a large way and it is ideal for prostate, cardiac, head, neck, mitral love, gynecological, urological and hiatal hernia corrective surgeries. The operation is popular and a lot of people have embraced the treatment.

The system has some advantages. It is designed for minimally invasive surgeries and this reduces blood loss during operation as compared to the traditional operation methods. Patients who undergo surgeries using this system do not need a blood transfusion. There is fast healing as the tissues, muscles, and nerves are not touched and altered, and if it does, it is minimal. Only the affected parts are operated and left to heal this causes less discomfort.

These computerized operations provide improved methods in performing operation on tender organs such as the heart. The surgeon can get a better look at the organs through three-dimensional imaging. This is contrary to the traditional procedure. Simpler processes of performing surgery accompany this operation. This is because the surgeon is in a wonderful position to view and direct the arms to the area thereby correcting the condition without changing other parts.

The robotic procedure does not many scars on the skin because the incisions by the robot are small, this makes healing of the scars quick. The procedure can be done to correct facial malformation because the scars will be invisible and after healing, no one will notice. It is also good for young kids. People in the olden days shied away from surgeries because they were invasive but this approach has changed people perceptions.

Unlike traditional surgical procedures where patient stayed in the hospital for long and took a longer time to heal, in the robotically automated procedure, patients stay for less or no days in the hospital. This is because minimal checkups are needed after the operation. They also take a short time to heal. The risk of post-surgical wound infection is also reduced as the operation leaves a small wound that takes less time to heal.

In Houston TX robotic surgery has some limitations as well. The device is expensive and might not be affordable in small hospitals causing the procedures to be expensive. They have also led to the loss of tactile sensation for surgeons. The number of surgeon assistants has been reduced greatly leading to loss of jobs to many qualified surgeon assistants. Nevertheless, it is so effective in treatment.

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