Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Laser Therapy For Ankle Sprain Provides Relief Without The Intake Of Drugs

By Anna Hamilton

There are various drugs available for sprains and other types of injuries that cause pain and swelling. Some of the most commonly prescribed ones are referred to as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs for short. While highly effective, many are steering clear of them due to the different the side effects. Doctors themselves admit that their administration also comes with certain health risks such as bleeding stomach ulcers and liver damage. Those who prefer a more drug free relief from pain and also swelling may give laser therapy for ankle sprain a try.

According to health authorities, the ankles are very complex joints. They're also regarded as weight bearing joints of the body. It's for these reasons exactly why they are highly susceptible to getting injured, such as being sprained.

More often than not, severe twisting or bending of the said joints is the reason why they end up sprained. Sometimes intense impact brought about by jumping is the culprit. Sprained ankles are highly common among athletes. However, even those who are not really into sports or other demanding physical activities may also end up with ankle sprains.

There are a few risk factors for ankle sprain, which are things that increase a person's chance of incurring such form of injury. Some of those include poor athletic conditioning and low fitness levels. Failure to warm up sufficiently before engaging in sports or exercise is a risk factor, too. Being obese or overweight is another risk factor as all the excess pounds are putting a lot of strain on the individual's ankles.

As soon as pain and also swelling strike as a result of ankle sprains, most people count on commonly administered drugs called NSAIDs. These painkillers provide results by minimizing prostaglandin production. A hormone like compound, prostaglandin can be blamed for pain and swelling, too, in particular as a result of an infection or injury.

Unfortunately, NSAIDs are known to cause a variety of side effects. Some of the most common ones include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and buzzing in the ears. Especially when taken on an empty stomach, they may cause severe heartburn. High doses of NSAIDs taken for a long time may cause bleeding stomach ulcers. Vital organs such as the liver and kidneys may be put in danger, too.

Taking NSAIDs can be terrifying because of the side effects and risks. Due to this, many of those who are suffering from sprained ankles look for alternative solutions. A highly recommended drug free approach for dealing with pain and also swelling is laser therapy.

The said treatment is very good for reducing swelling, which is something that can be blamed for pain. Using laser also accelerates cellular proliferation, thus encouraging faster healing. Significant reduction in the unfavorable symptoms can be enjoyed after completing all of the sessions a doctor prescribes. There are instances, too, in which laser is paired with acupuncture and other drug and surgery free therapies.

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