Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surprising Facts Why Menopause And Slow Metabolism Go Together

By Edna Booker

Every person in the world are unique. There are only two genders among them, the male and the female. It is so amazing how women can handle all the things that are going on with their lives. Their life cycle is never dull. Every stage is a new adventure for her body.

Women are designed to be great individuals. It is their specialty to do multitasking and to have some grace even under pressure. No matter how heavy the problems and situations each of them have in life, it is easy for them to still manage to smile despite of all the situation. In the stages of life, they experience complicated scenarios that includes menstruation. When girls become an adult, an experience menopause and slow metabolism will surely occur.

This is so distracting and alarming to most of them. This will make them aware that it is no longer possible to get any younger. Some take it as a tragic experience. It is because ladies are sometimes obsessed in keeping themselves young.

The instance of this is due to the lowering of the number of estrogen that is released to the body. It is also linked to a slower metabolism. This is when the ovary decreased its production of estrogen. However, a condition like this can happen because at the very beginning, girls are born with only limited number of eggs. These are the ones that are being broken in every menstrual period.

The body of women are so complicated. It is because even to this part of life, it is needed to undergo a process of going through different stages of menopausal. It began with the perimenopause. It carries along with it the symptoms of having it. It mostly will settle in few years before the actual moment of it.

However, it is good to know that there are three stages that every adult female will undergo during this stage. Its first stage is what is called as the perimenopause. It is when those known symptoms are being felt. It will manifest in a few years from the actual menopausal period. This is where all of the ovaries will excrete lesser estrogen. Many changes will happen to the person having it.

After such time, they will surely experience the next stage. The next one is the post menopausal period. All of the symptoms of it will not be gone. And, it is difficult to determine on whether how long will it manifest.

However, there are also other types of instances that can cause a premature menopausal. This includes the operation that is taken place in removing the ovaries. It can result permanent menopausal because the body cannot produce any egg to ovulate which is useful for the menstruation process. Also, when there is a failure with the ovaries, it can also lead to such circumstance.

This is something that every woman in the world should know. It is best to keep oneself as healthy as possible. Create a lifestyle that can contribute to a longer life span. Love yourself. Exercise more. Eat nutritious food. This will help you gracefully age. Forget all your worries. Gain a stress free life. Bear in mind that to be healthier is to be happier. Live freely.

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