Thursday, October 1, 2015

Activities And Games For Dementia Patients And Tips In Choosing The Best One

By Della Monroe

There are many kinds of caregivers within a state, one is the caregivers for the dementia patients. Most caregivers feel their occupation is just about responsibility due to the fact that they do not enjoy many things. They do not have time to enjoy several perky and fun activities that can really uplift their spirits and the spirits of their beloved patients.

But choosing what type of activity could probably give you a headache. This is because you have to choose a good activity or games for dementia patients alone. Yes, you have to give a fun filled game where it also helps the patients to better their condition. Aside from that, they give their patient a good means to burn energy which helps them sleep better at night.

Well, it is really true that dementia patients no longer actively pursue all of their interests or just by even learning a new skill. But with proper guidance from their caregivers, good activity materials, and instructions they can truly participate and enjoy themselves in the end of the day. There are even times that by letting them express themselves by any medium, including art and music, their behavioral problems lessened.

One of the so many tips in selecting a very good activity is by knowing the things your loved one enjoyed doing before she got the dementia. Mostly, these people continue doing the things they loved. But caregivers should also spend some time in reforming such activities in accordance to the needs of her condition.

You just might recall she often does several outdoor trips which always include the mountains. You have recalled how happy she is when she tells you all her mountain climbing stories especially the part where she sleeps under the starts. Though she has this condition, she can still enjoy these things by giving her short hikes in the park near your house.

You also need to be creative. Without your creativity, you cant think of any great idea for the activities you could do with your patient. So use your creative juices. If she loved taking photographs, you can always show to her the photographs she took or the photos of her with the entire family. You can even let her touch her camera again and let her take several shots.

Sometimes, patients became childlike due to the condition they are suffering from. In order to fill the bored times of his day, fill it with several children activities. Let him enjoy the finger paint, jacks or marbles to play. You may bring him to the park, give him hikes, or push him in the swings.

These patients may not remember what they ate for breakfast but they can always remember the good old events that have happened to him several years ago. You can tell him his great story or let them tell it to you by asking questions. You could even work on a scrapbook with him until it gets finished.

If you are going to choose the best activities for your loved one, you can think of a lot. All you need to do is let him feel he is a productive member of the family and into the society. So even by letting him fold the laundry, pair socks, scooping ice cream, and a lot more could be perfectly done even under his condition. Little by little, you will see him enjoying his life.

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