Thursday, October 1, 2015

Effective Stimulating Activities For Alzheimer Patients

By Della Monroe

Have you lived your life to the fullest. Have you ever told your parents how much you loved them. Hove you tried wondering what your future beholds ahead of you. If you have asked these questions in your mind, then it is now time for you to hasten your views in life. You see, life is short. This is why you have to hurry and make the most at everything before tragic events come.

This is a condition where they no longer remember important things in their lives including names, dates and events. Although this may be their condition, you have to take into consideration that did not limit you in loving them no matter what. To show how much love you give to them, help them out with the following stimulating activities for Alzheimer patients.

Replaying some family videos. This stirs up the heart of an individual to recall their memories. It could somehow make them remember some names or events of certain occasions, depending on how great the impact is with the family video played. Make them watch it like a movie. Let them feel familiar with such condition.

Have some fun with crafts and arts. It would be effective for them, especially when you know they have an artistic background. Arts can be a part of anyone. It is important to bear in mind that the main point is not to make them do some art, but to tap the depths of their real being. Letting them do things such as this will help them remember things.

Initiate musical activities. This makes them think more about the musical notes. Even if they are just listening, they shall let you know that they felt something significant, especially if they were able to recall something from their important past. It has been because people can easily connect with music, commonly with those musically inclined individuals.

Play around the kitchen through cooking and baking something delicious. This can become fun and helpful on their part. As for you, all you need to do is to participate. But, the most important thing you have to remember is that you must take the initiative to set aside the knowledge that Alzheimers disease made them forget things. Spend time with them to the fullest.

Splurge into mind games such as puzzles. Make them have some fun. Play with them. It is your call to keep them entertained as the functionality of their brain is still in the process. Just keep helping them through this, never run out of patience. Be hopeful that someday their memories can come back.

Go green. Going to a botanical garden is one. Being in such a place allows them to think and even want to plant one. Let them do so. It makes them exercise their mental capacity, making them think more. The more they do so, the more they can be able to recall significant things in their lives. So, it is your responsibility to help.

No matter how much you would deny the fact about their disease, they will never interact with you the way they normally do. But, what you can do is to make them feel loved even if they have not remembered things about you. So, now is the time to make your stance. Help them. Conquer their disease with compassion.

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