Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Top Disability Strengthening Videos You Can Try At Home

By Jose Stevens

Men and women who have survived life threatening accidents or diseases often live to live another day. However, when they go home, it does not necessarily mean they are a hundred percent ok. Sometimes, even after recovery they are still unable to do certain tasks or are forever disabled as a result of their injuries. Due to this, their actions and activities become limited to ensure their health and safety.

When it is time for you to regain your mobility, you will realize that your muscles have weakened and doing basic activities have become a struggle for you. More often than not, patients are given a wheelchair, so they can move around the house and to other places. Aside from attending therapy sessions, you should also try Disability Strengthening Videos. Found below are top exercise tips from these videos you may try out.

For people whose lower body has become weak, they can try an exercise that requires them to sit and stand. While this does not necessarily require a video to examine and follow step by step, it is still a challenge to those who have remained stationary for a while. This requires a sturdy chair though, because they will use it as a tool to sit up and get back down on the floor.

Another body part that needs strengthening is the arm, which can be achieved through seated tricep dips. The beginning position is just like the first exercise, only this time the man or woman needs to lower their bodies to the floor. Once more, they should be able to get back up again. People who are using wheelchairs can greatly benefit from this.

Hip flexors are the muscles found around your hips, which allows a person to bend in different directions and angles. In order to exercise this area, try doing seated knee arises. This entails raising one knee at a time, in the highest point you can muster. By doing this consistently, you allow your hips to become more flexible and will eventually allow you to do more activities.

Eventually, a disabled individual can gather up enough strength and determination to learn how to walk again. A basic exercise they should begin with is sitting down, and then pulling them up to a standing position to walk a few steps. This will allow them to have control of their lower body, and will also wake up any sleeping muscles that have become used to immobility.

The abdominal muscles should also be considered here because these are an essential part of the human body. The best course of action would be to do some reverse crunches. This is done by going into a seated position with the knees bent over at a ninety degree angle. Afterwards, the body is then lowered backwards slowly until the person is lying flatly. The process is then repeated several times to achieve the desired effect.

An aspect you should not neglect exercising are the shoulder muscles. This is especially useful when you need to lift certain heavy objects above your head. You can remain in a seated position throughout this activity, as long as you make use of sufficient sized weights to push up and pull down again.

Listed above are the top strengthening videos a disabled person can try. Through these, they are able to strengthen their core muscles. By consistently watching and doing these activities, they are sure to achieve a full recovery.

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