Friday, September 15, 2017

Why An Omaha Walk In Clinic Could Be A Better Option Than An Emergency Room

By Paul Wagner

Even normally healthy people get sick sometimes. Some of them panic and call an ambulance to take them straight to the emergency room. Others drive themselves to the hospital, and a few decide to call the doctor as soon as possible. While all of these options may be appropriate under certain circumstances, there are times when the best option in Nebraska is an Omaha walk in clinic.

Emergency rooms are critical places for those who are experiencing life threatening situations. The staff is prepared to deal with accident, heart attack, fire, and overdose victims. If you find yourself in the emergency room waiting area because you have a fever or sore throat, you might have a long wait until someone can see you. At a walk in facility you can see a practitioner quickly, and you won't be taking a specialist away from someone more in need.

If you opt to go to an emergency room for care, you can expect to receive a big bill. It can cost thousands of dollars for even routine examinations and tests. Calling an ambulance is an added expense that can end up costing several hundred dollars. Urgent care facilities can provide care at much lower costs because they don't have the expensive overhead that a hospital has.

Urgent care facilities can be a lot more convenient than hospitals. Many of them are located in pharmacies in neighborhoods throughout large and small towns. It is easier to find a parking space there, and the time you will wait to see someone is usually minimal. Not all facilities are open twenty-four hours a day, but most open early and close late.

You wouldn't go to a cardiologist to treat a cold, and you shouldn't go to an emergency room for a minor health issue. Walk in clinics are set up for these kinds of situations. It is more efficient to go to one of these than to wait for hours to see a specialist in the hospital. You will be in and out faster and with less paperwork.

Although most hospitals are much more efficient than they used to be, they still require patients to fill out forms and answer series of questions that are inputted into a computer system. You may find yourself being directed from window to window until you have completed the paperwork. Clinics are smaller, less complicated businesses that don't require a mountain of paperwork.

If an emergency room doctor prescribes medication, you will have to find the hospital pharmacy and wait to get the prescription filled. At urgent care clinics, the pharmacy is right at your fingertips, and you will usually get faster service. You can always opt to get your medicine at your regular pharmacy however.

Everybody gets sick occasionally. Unless you have an emergency, choosing an urgent care facility is probably the most appropriate choice. It will be quicker, cheaper, and more efficient, and you will get qualified and reliable care.

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