Saturday, January 20, 2018

Online Transcription Services The Wave Of The Future

By Susan Ross

Whether working in a traditional capacity or online, transcriptionists are often in high demand. While this is the case, there are now a number of different disciplines in which online transcription services can be beneficial. Whether a doctor, lawyer, professor or other professional, most need assistance with transcription at some point in a career.

For, transcriptionists are very good at converting either live or recorded speech into a text document. Most often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes, there are also individuals such as poets and writers who hire transcriptionists. While in the past Dictaphones were used to assist clerical workers putting information onto paper, now audio files are most often the tools use to communicate in this manner.

With the advancement of computers and technology, transcription has taken on an entire new identify. For example, it used to take a great deal of time for an individual to dictate a letter, proposal or other document, then have the material typed on a typewriter. After which, there were often a number of passes on the typewriter before a document could be finalized and delivered.

When using a service, most ask that information be processed on a cassette, CD or VHS. While this is the case, most actually prefer audio files which can be sent back and forth over email. Whereas, in others, individuals are now starting to use programs such as Google Drive, in which parties can share and edit a document from different locations.

Individuals working in this area can often make a great deal of money. For, whether working as a freelance, independent or part of a service team, pay is often higher than that of more basic clerical positions. In addition, individual freelancers and independent contractors often have the ability to set rates and charge by the hour, word, minute, page or project.

As rates can vary, it is important to know whether an individual or service is charging per minute, per word, per line or per hour. Also, while private services often assist governmental agencies, law firms, courts, meeting planners, nonprofits and trade associates, the rate is often higher for these services.

In the early days of transcription, secretaries often had to take diction and write down what the individual needed typed. During those days, shorthand was quite popular so that the individual could take notes as quickly as possible. Then, in the 1970s, the job became much easier with the introduction of portable recorders and tape cassettes.

While mailing cassettes became a regular part of the transcription business during this time, audio files now make the job even easier. In addition, there are a number of services whom now provide work to contract and freelance workers on a regular basis. As a result, computers and email have taken jobs which used to take hours and a great deal of footwork into a future where one can simply listen type, then share a file over a number of electronic devices.

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