Sunday, March 18, 2018

Expertise Necessary In Formulating Medical Transcription Reports

By Maria Howard

Medical transcription is the process of converting voice-recorded reports made by doctors into the text form that can be understood by patients. It involves editing procedures and reports of doctors in an electronic format to create files representing the history of treatment of a patient. Medical transcription does this work in hospitals or those working directly for the doctors. Specific records are depending on the speciality of the doctor and type of patient. The below are some of the skills required in the formation of medical transcription reports.

First, one should be conversant with medical terms both simple and the complicated ones. In the health field, there are so many vocabularies used that the common person cannot understand; hence, the transcriptionist should have adequate knowledge and understanding of them. This helps in the production of good medical records as they will know exactly what they are typing and in giving the correct medication to the sick.

It is important to possess adequate knowledge on structure and composition of the human body. One should know how each part of the body works. It is also necessary to know the technical names given to these parts as the doctor will always use these terminologies in their reports. It will also be crucial in understanding the past records of a patient.

Moreover, the ability to communicate and write words correctly is an important skill. The transcriptionists should be clear and confident in the speech to avoid bad records because of late speech recognition technologies are being used by doctors. They should be able to write words correctly as mistaking even one letter gives a different meaning to a word and thus making the whole report invalid. They should also remember correctly what they hear from the voice records to type the correct information.

It is also a requirement to know how to operate office devices like the computers. As all transcription forms are recorded by electronic means, one is required to have the know-how of operating these machines. One should know how to translate the voice notes into text form as most people prefer this. The ability to control the transcription machine and also give directives is crucial.

Another essential expertise is being able to arrange things properly. Records should be arranged in a specific order to avoid mistaking them and giving wrong information. One may give alphabetic letters or numeric order to documents to make the recovery process easier and faster.

The ability to multitask is a plus in this field. One may be required to be aware of other work or even listen and type at the same time. The multitasking ability will enable the production of accurate transcripts, proper management of workload, and meeting deadlines without stress.

Finally, health translators should consider intensive and observant in their work. They are required to give attention to their work for an extensive time frame without deviating. Being able to be keen on the work and not being distracted enables one produce work that is detailed, finishing work at the right, and making sure that the work is excellent enough.

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