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Integrative Holistic Medicine Treatment Atlanta GA And Their Spiritual Diet

By Rebecca Wright

The organic Sattvic or yogic diet has its origins in India. Yoga is often the exercise regimen most closely associated with striving to attain higher consciousness, elevated concentration and purity of thought and mind, while a Sattvic or yogic diet is the spiritual food equivalent thought to nurture the body. Integrative Holistic Medicine Treatment Atlanta GA and their knowladge cah lead your life to a real healing.

Its growth and influence is such that more and more people around the world are converting to an organic lifestyle and even the numbers show this. Steady growth in the number of people buying organic foods steadily grows with each year and basically every month and this has been happening for the last few years! A shift in thinking is happening all over the world as we are seeing the Western world going back to roots of evolution. And as an important part of the flesh, food naturally indicates this.

Obviously, the Yogic way is without chemicals and things of that ilk. The whole process of changing your way of living should come down to the things you practice every day. Supporters of the Sattva way of living follow it because tones down the always running mind, chitta vrittri nirohda. Also, individuals find that it leads their ways through the human nature inside a person which is chitta vrittri nirohda.

The spirit becomes better and stronger from this diet. It was always and it remains imperative to human beings to be centred in their heads, physical being and inner self. This comes with great tranquillity and harmony which makes the entire being joyous.

Sattvic proteins are consumed mostly through dairy products such as milk and cheese as well as legumes, while meat is mostly avoided. According to the wisdom of East Indian gurus, ingesting an animal also means allowing the stress hormones present in the animal at the moment of slaughter to enter your body. As Chinese medicine teaches us, the presence of subtle bodies and their integrity have a huge influence on our mental and physical health.

Yogic foods are plenteous and ubiquitous and besides the proteins there are a lot of apples, bananas, tomatoes and numerous fruits and vegetables which are not expensive. Seeds and spices increase your Sattva consumption. There is room for those with a sweet tooth in honey, cane juice, stevia, and maple syrup and fruit liquids.

People might be in one movement but they are all individuals at the end of the day, and it is so even in the Sattvic lifestyle. So individuals should feel comfortable with consuming anything as long as it is within the boundaries. But it must be said that those who are ardent and serious cohorts of the movement will be better followers because of their dedication it will show in their lives. Being an all-natural person does not mean one has to quiete alcohol or coffee altogether as there are alternatives such as organic wines and organic coffees available at marketplaces.

One might even drop some salt in ones coffee as an individual prepares to grind it. This removes the bitterness and one might resist pouring sugar in their coffee.

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