Saturday, May 31, 2014

Most Hip Replacement Patients Agree: Easier Than It Sounds

By Neil P. Hines

When someone says that they are going for a total hip replacement, there are many things a person thinks of. The first thing that comes to mind is the amount of pain that that specific person must have endured up to the point of the operation and then after the operation as well. The second thing that you might think of is how long the recovery time is. But hip replacement patients agree: easier than it sounds was their experience.

What is this procedure all about? This procedure is an invasive technique, where the joint is removed and a prosthetic joint will be placed in and connected where the other joint was removed.This is called an entire arthroplasty or just a hemi arthroplasty.

This kind of orthopedic surgery is usually done to try and relief the pain in the joint. This pain is usually caused by a fracture of some sort or even something like general arthritis. When a bipolar arthropplasty is done it means that both side of the bone was affected and damaged and will need to be replaced on both sides. In this case they will replace the whole bone with an artificial or also known as prostheses.

A bipolar arthroplasty will be performed when the joint fails and this is caused by osteoarthritis. Other factors that can cause this sort of injury to the specific joint are traumatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Malignant bone tumors can also be the cause of an injury like this.

Different approaches are used by different doctors. Your recovering time will also depend on what procedure or approach was used by the doctor or surgeon. The minimally invasive approach is at the moment the most popular approach used by the surgeons.

The posterior method, also called the Moore method or the Southern approach, will be discussed in detail below. By making use of this method they go into the joint. They will also enter the capsule connected to the joint. They will gain access through the back of the joint.

This will minimize the risk of dysfunction of the abductor after the procedure has been done.There is an advantage of being a more extensive method if required.Professionals noted higher dislocation rate even though this procedure has a higher success rate and reduces the risk of dislocation more than the other procedures.

Reading this article can make you believe that when you go through with a procedure like this, is or can be very painful. Yes there is a bit of rehabilitation needed after an operation like this, but you will be in so much less pain afterwards compared to before the procedure. So in conclusion, hip replacement patients agree: it's easier than expected.

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