Monday, March 21, 2016

Medical Billing: Exercise Your Fingers

By Mike Bun

If you work in medical billing, you must come home to having sore hands every day. Many people don't realize all of the typing that goes on in a single day. A lot of people do typing in different jobs. However, billers have to do coding and often put their hand muscles to the test. Here are a few tips in order to keep your hands strong and less sore throughout the day.

Most people that work a lot with their hands do not properly stretch them throughout the day. They often focus only on getting the job done. However, what happens when your fingers can't take any more stress? It is time to do something about it. For starters, learn how to have someone assist you with hand exercises. Getting a daily massage on your hands for around ten minutes actually loosens your muscles and keeps you smiling. You will often feel like everything around you is well balanced and feeling good. In time, you will feel like everything around you is working out.

Learning how to stretch your fingers properly is the best way to feel better physically. Take the tip of each finger and bend it back for around a minute. Since you have ten fingers, take your time in stretching each one out. You will find that your fingers are less sore throughout the day. This exercise is also good for anyone that types a lot. If you spend many years in typing, your fingers do get more tired. It is not uncommon to feel sore after a long day at the office.

If you have never done hand exercises before, it is exciting. A great exercise to do is to extend your hands straight out. Curl your fingers in and out for around five minutes. This helps your fingers to feel a sense of relief because they will be less sore throughout the day. Learning more about your fingers is important. You can read hand exercise books in order to feel like your pain is leaving you each day.

It is important to look at your own personal needs. Remember that exercise is not just about lifting weights and stretching. It is also about bouncing. Many medical billers use rebounders. They jump on it for around five minutes a day in order to increase oxygen going into the body. Over time, the body begins to feel a sense of happiness because it feels more energetic. People often go through stages in which they feel sluggish throughout the day. People that use a rebounder say that it actually causes your mood to get happier.

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