Monday, March 14, 2016

Preschool Dance Classes And The Challenge It Involves

By Charles Allen

Children are naturally imaginative. They can be tough to manage and hold down, especially toddlers. Teaching them can require the most energy, effort and of course, lots and lots of patience. It is a tougher work to lead them, than what you generally expect.

Because of this, people who try to teach them, does not necessarily have to follow the rules always. In fact, it is best to break the rules, one way or the other, every now and then in Preschool dance classes Calgary. This will give way for more flexible teaching strategies for you, that will provide positive results.

Avoid expecting that you can teach them to dance. Actually, this means you cannot expect they can dance, the way you do. Or that they can do it, exactly how you want it done. Get the moves, but let them do it their way. Shy away from letting them be corrupted by trying to be someone else, other than themselves.

Do not be stuck with the ideology of letting a kid move like somebody else. Let them focus on the sheer delight of learning their bodies and being able to move it. Keep your expectations at a minimum. Around about eight years old, expectations may be possible. Around this time below that age, let freedom be their thing.

Everything can change. Level of energy, their group dynamics, attention span and their tendency to look for food at the middle of an activity. Never ignore the needs of the children and be flexible to it. Give positive feedback whenever possible.

Children respond well to feedback, especially positive. Try to be specific and let them know when they are doing something right. Someone you see that is doing something right will make the rest of a misbehaving class follow. Limit your negative feedback. Do not call the attention of a child repeatedly because this will have also have a negative impact to the way they will eventually perform.

Make yourself the most interesting part of the room. Keep your energy level high for them by lighting up the room with you leading it. Let the tone of your voice vary and maintain your energy for them. Otherwise, they will be inattentive because kids have usually a short attention span. Do not be scared to be goofy for them.

Just do not try to be their friend. That can prove to be dangerous on your part because in worst cases, it can undermine authority. And authority is important. You do not have to enforce it, but they have to know who is in charge. This will make them take you seriously and listen more.

Teaching is not easy. Especially when it involves children, The challenge is even bigger when it is dancing you are trying to teach them. However, this pays to some extent of amazing results eventually, when you see them doing it on their own. It can be rewarding, no matter the level of performance. After all, children, lost in their own world of innocence, dancing or not, are always a sight to behold.

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