Saturday, March 12, 2016

Preventing Disease Through Diabetes Counseling Beneficial For Patients

By Gregory Powell

There is a growing number of young adults below the age of 20 that claims they have diabetes. There are at least eighteen thousand youths diagnosed with type one and at least five thousand diagnosed with type two. But the highest rate affects the American Indians and Alaskan Natives.

Diabetes is the leading cause of death and in 2010 alone there was a reported number of sixty nine thousand death certificates that claimed it was the cause of death. And another two hundred thousand more that pointed to this as a factor. As a result it is important for people to visit regularly their family doctors for diabetes counseling to detect early signs.

However if left untreated often increases the risk for serious health complications to arise. Also it is important to address the common signs and symptoms for early detection. The following is symptoms and signs of this such as frequent urination, feeling thirsty and hungry all the time, intense fatigue, foggy vision, open wounds take longer time to heal, weight loss for type one sufferers, and numbing and tingling sensation around the extremities for type two.

Complications such as foot numbing, ketoacidosis and ketones, disease in the kidney, elevated blood pressure, stroke, gastroparesis, and HHNS or hyperosmolar hyperglycemic and nonketotic syndrome. But typical symptoms such as slow healing of open wounds, foggy vision, acute fatigue, frequently peeing, constantly hungry and thirsty. But these signs do not always appear in many people especially for those who have type two diabetes.

Prediabetes symptoms often go undetected because they rarely appear. And most victims move on with life not knowing they have any of these. So regular symptoms might not show, but high risk complications such as numbing of the hands and foot, ketones and ketoacidosis, nephropathy, increased high blood pressure, gastroparesis, stroke, and HHNS occur instead.

Therefore the risk of having diabetes not only causes death, but involves other combinations of complications that if the main problem is not taken care of at an earlier period. Then later these will spread through other areas of the body, and it might worsen the disease. Thus it is essential that getting a medical assessment is better than nothing at all.

Four test that is conducted so a doubtful patient must undergo to determine the validity of their disease. These are FPG, OGTT, A1C, and Casual each of these have their own unique purpose to help doctors diagnose and determine if abnormal levels of blood glucose is present in the body. Furthermore individuals who have noticed differences in their body whether it is through their weight or eyesight consulting a health care professional would increase the chances of preventing difficult complications from occurring.

In general these test measures the level of sugar present in body. However with A1C these studies the levels between the last 2 and three months. While the fpg test measures the glucose levels when you are fasting. And the OGTT test is done once you drink a special formulated drink that is sweet, but this test tells the doctor how body processes the glucose.

Because diabetes two does not develop immediately even if there is the presence of prediabetes in the body already. When early treatment happens then the levels usually return to normal. Losing at least ten to fifteen pounds would safely keep you away from developing diabetes in the future.

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