Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reasons To Safely Stop Dieting Now

By Martha Kennedy

The debate on the benefits of dieting has been re-ignited by variations in results by different participants. This uncertainty has driven experts into discouraging people from taking up such programs. They provide fact based reasons to stop dieting now. Their aim is to save the participants from frustrations after months of anticipation.

No program guarantees long term results. According to available statistics, most people will abandon any diet program by the end of one year. By the second year, an even bigger number has dropped out. This is an indication that most of these programs are not sustainable and never produce the desired results. Because the results are not forthcoming, the person becomes frustrated and takes up an eating disorder leading to more weight gain.

Lack of sustained benefits may cause you to add more than you initially lost. It is worse after the program fails and the body is on rebound. Because of deprivation, you end up adding more weight than you lost. Such frustrations eat into your self esteem. A third or more people end up weighing more than they did initially.

There is a decrease in metabolism when you diet which leaves you hungry. The body has an adaptive thermo-genesis response where the body ensures that a particular level of body fat is maintained. This means that the nervous system will be fighting naturally to stop fat loss. This is why you experience hunger yet your weight remains constant. This metabolic adaptation works against your desire to lose weight.

It requires a lot of time and energy to go through diet programs. You have to be alert and conscious at all times, cautious of the foods you eat, the amount of calories contained, what time you eat, etc. This denies you the freedom to live a natural nutritional life. It takes a great deal of will power, energy and time to complete such programs. Because such programs are restrictive, you will always be at conflict with natural cycle and instincts. You end up feeling very guilty of your actions.

Diets are external interventions. To your body, there is an external force insisting that you must lose weight by eating certain foods at a particular time and in specific quantities. You are forced to ignore natural cravings and hunger pangs. There appears to be some disconnect between personal preferences and demands of your program. This explains the resistance and negative results obtained.

There is an element of guilt that arises after a person has failed to adhere to a program. Intrinsically, the value of prohibited foods goes up. The signal sent to the mind is that you are being denied something good. As a result, craving becomes uncontrollable and you eventually give in. Once you indulge for the first time, you are ushered into an eat-repent-eat-repent cycle leading to more frustration and guilt.

Experts advise people to accept their body sizes and find a way of managing them. This culture of acceptance will leave you happy and content with your body size. The body also gives a clue of fullness when eating. Obey these clues and do not allow them to dictate your feeling or activity.

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