Sunday, September 25, 2016

Surgical Instruments In Medical Supply Store Bay Shore NY

By Andrew Lee

Bone lever, bone drill, haemostatic forceps, bone mallet, skin hook, retractors and scissors are all instruments used by a surgeon. A surgeon is a medical doctor who does operations to save lives. It is different from ordinary medication because in this procedure, an affected part of the body must be physically touched. With the right instruments, surgeons can do their work easily and successfully. It is therefore important that they buy their materials from only recognized stores. A good example is the medical supply store Bay Shore NY.

Scalpels are instruments that are used to open up the body for operation. It is a cutting instrument and with it, a surgeon can cut tissues with less stress. Medical suppliers in Bay Shore, NY usually have this equipment in both disposable and stainless steel.

The scissors also plays some important roles in surgery. They are used to cut tissues and materials during an operation. Unlike the scalpel, they cannot be used to make incisions on the skin. Scissors can be either blunt or sharp depending on their use. Blunt scissors are particularly useful for cutting dressings and sutures. The sharp ones are used on body tissues that are very thick.

Retractors are instruments used by the surgeon to manipulate the tissues. You can use it to hold or pull tissues around during an operation. There are different types of retractors according to the purpose they are meant for. For example, there is the rib spreader, lung retractor and skin retractor.

Bone cutters cannot be neglected whenever a surgery is to be performed. They are designed with extra ordinary blades so that they can cut bones with minimum pressure. Examples of bone cutters are Costotome, sonic or sound cutters and the unpowered ones. Costotome gains the upper hand when the surgeon wants to operate on the thoracic cavity because it can conveniently cut the ribs. It has an outer and inner lever for holding and cutting the ribs.

Since surgery deals with handling internal organs, care must be taken to ensure that everything that is used during an operation is germless. The surgeon is therefore not expected to use his bare hands but to make use of special surgical gloves. Surgical gloves are made of polymers such as latex, neoprene and vinyl. They are designed to be disposed immediately after each use. They are more sensitive than other medical gloves.

In orthopedic surgery (surgery that involves the musculoskeletal system), a special kind of instrument known as the Ilizarov apparatus is used.Ilizarov apparatus was first used in the 1950s to heal bone fractures that resulted from car accidents. It was first used in Russia but today, it can be found in orthopedic hospitals with sophisticated equipment. It is used in treating bone fractures, nonunion of bones and cases that cannot be treated with other means. Although this equipment is rare to find, they are available in almost every orthopedic hospitals in Bay Shore NY.

Even though they are not as expensive as the other surgical instruments, the needle holders still have their place in surgery. When a surgeon sutures, the needle he uses should not touch the floor as this can be another means of spreading disease to the patient. However, with a needle holder, the chance of this happening is reduced.

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