Saturday, September 24, 2016

With Home Health Care Indianapolis Patients Can Live In The Comfort Of Their Homes

By Jessica Rodriguez

As people grow older they often become unable to perform everyday tasks themselves. They are not unable to make decisions about their lives, they are simply in need of help to perform certain tasks. It is not just older people that need help. Calamity can strike at any time and an injury or disease can render anyone unable to cope from one day to the next without assistance. With home health care Indianapolis patients can still enjoy a high standard of living.

Most people, especially the young, healthy and fit ever think about the fact that they can end up in a situation where they cannot survive without some form of help. Yet this happens to thousands of people every year. In many cases loved ones simply cannot look after the infirm patient because they do not have the skills, the time or, sadly, the inclination to do so.

Statistics show that more than 80 per cent of people over the age of 60 will need some form of assistance at some stage. There is even a bigger number of people below the age of 60 that will sustain serious injuries or contract dread diseases that will necessitate assistance on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, most standard insurance policies will not pay the cost of full time caregivers.

Thankfully, many insurance companies offer special policies specially designed for circumstances where the policy holder will need the services of a caregiver. The statistical probability of ever needing such services should be enough to motivate most people to purchase such insurance. It may just mean the difference between a decent life style and a miserable existence in an institution.

The type and frequency of assistance needed by the patient will determine the type of help that is needed. Many patients will need help only until they are recovered. Others need help only occasionally and yet others need round the clock help. There are, unfortunately, also cases where the level of care required is so intense or specialized that it is better to admit the patient to a specialized institution.

Experts agree that it is best for the patient if he is able to stay in the familiar surroundings of his home. It is very important to prepare the patient for the fact that a caregiver will be sharing the house with him. Many patients are resentful and even ashamed about the fact that they need assistance. In some cases it may be beneficial to motivate the patient to volunteer for counselling.

It is important to hire a caregiver that is experienced in dealing with patients in similar circumstances. The caregiver should also preferably share at least some hobbies or interests with the patient. It is very important to ask for references and to actually follow up on them. The caregiver should be offered a written contract that stipulates the conditions of employment.

Being forced to accept dramatic changes in life style and routine is already difficult enough. Receiving care at home is almost always a much better solution that receiving care at an institution. Institutions have to maintain rules and they cannot allow patients to disrupt their routines.

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