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Chronic Back Pain Greenbelt MD

By Frances Stevens

People that have suffered from chronic pain will know the way it is difficult to stand the constant discomfort. The pain at the back is a very serious hindrance to daily lifestyle of individuals. It is able to prevent an individual from performing many other activities. It is for this reason that people with the problem should find the right treatments for their condition. In considering treatments for chronic back pain Greenbelt MD residents need to be conversant with available options.

There are many factors that result in this condition in addition to the fact that it affects people in different ways. Effects will depend on age of a person. In all the cases, it could be because of slipped discs or injuries to the back. However, in older people, notably those above 60, it could be because of osteoporosis. It could be possible that the back disc moved or shifted and thus affects nerves.

There are numerous treatment options one can consider for back aches. These can be classified as home remedies, non-invasive procedures and invasive procedures. When it comes to home remedies, relief might be attained but temporarily. On the other hand, invasive procedures are costly and might come with serious side effects. Most people prefer non-invasive procedures owing to the fact that they are a safe mode of treatment.

Non-invasive treatments are preferred in the event that one is suffering from back pain and they do not want to undergo major medical procedures. They are conservative procedures that will not involve any incisions being made to the body. Physical therapy is one of the options of treatment that can be used. When the ache lasts some 2 to 6 weeks or it is recurrent, one can try physical workouts. The targets of the exercises and the therapy are to reduce the pain, improve function and help one know their maintenance program.

Another option is chiropractic manipulation whereby there is movement of joints from their motion range. During treatment, one can hear popping and cracking noises as joints get manipulated. This is done with the aim of improving body function. It is a procedure done by chiropractic professionals. Spinal manipulation is done by a physical therapist.

Heat therapy is very commonly used and is also effective. It is done in various forms such as hot baths, heat wraps, heating pads or warm gel wraps. This is therapy that is affordable and is easily done. There is dilation of blood vessels of muscles that surround lumbar vertebrae. There will be oxygen flow improvement and also enhancement of nutrient flow. Any tissues that were damaged will be cured. Besides, there is stimulation of receptors of sensory organs which helps to relieve pain.

There are a number of limitations of back aches. One of the main ones is depression. It is depression which goes beyond feelings of sadness for a day or so. It gets serious to an extent that one is depressed constantly. One will feel miserable for long periods of time. There is also loss of appetite and fatigue.

The ability of an individual to work well is minimized. They cannot easily lift things or take part in physical duties. People affected by back pain have the types of work they can do reduced considerably.

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