Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dealing With Emotional Abuse Counseling Seattle

By Peter Richardson

Being put down, told that you are worthless, no good or useless can have a massive effect on your self esteem, confidence, self worth and the way you live your life. Sometimes it happens to a child. Other times, women are affected when her husband continues to abuse her. It can happen when someone is intoxicated. However, this is obviously no excuse. Emotional abuse counseling Seattle can be hugely helpful.

There are many therapists that specialize in this these days. Psychologists have found that there is a greater need to deal in this type of abuse because of the long lasting effects. For example, a child who is constantly put down, called names and told that they are basically worthless will end up believing this. This will cause their self esteem to drop and this will affect them later down the line.

It will affect their relationships in one way or another. They may find that they have problems with boundaries or they get involved with people who are abusive and the same pattern begins to develop. They may develop various addictions, such as with turning to alcohol or drugs. This will take their mind off the situation and give them comfort.

Some adults will become depressed and anxious. Many people are not aware of this because they would have blocked it out of their life. They may go to therapy because they find themselves under stress in the work situation. However, when they continue with their sessions, they may find that certain repressed memories come to the surface.

A lot of people are aware of the abuse, but unfortunately don't seek therapy until they feel it is really necessary. They may turn to alcohol and drugs as a form of comfort. It is important to get counseling in the early stages, because this will solve a lot of other problems as well. This will particular relate to a women who is being emotionally abused by her spouse. It is more common than one thinks.

Many women hide this from the world. Friends and family members are under the impression that they have the ideal family life. However, sadly this is not the case. They may feel trapped in the relationship. However, one must always remember that there is a way out with a therapist who can provide the right type of counseling and guidance.

Some psychologists in Seattle, WA will refer someone like this to a cognitive behavior therapist. For instance, when an adult has been abused as a child, they will have a low self esteem. This type of a therapist helps the patient to become more positive and raise their confidence levels. Of course it can take time, but the therapist will have various methods which help the patient to move forward in life.

There are many ways to escape a situation like this. A lot of women have been in circumstances like these where they feel trapped. However, they have also established a new life for themselves, beginning from scratch, and finding the happiness they deserve. Of course, it takes courage, but the first step is the most important. This is not easy, put it is definitely possible.

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