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Basic Principles On Hormone Replacement Therapy St Petersburg FL Residents May Wish To Know

By Michelle Sanders

Hormone replacement therapy, HRT, is a common indication for people who have reached menopause and are struggling with associated symptoms. Menopause is a period when a woman transitions from one stage in their life to another due to physiological factors. On average, this milestone usually occurs between the age of forty and fifty years. At this point, the person may begin to experience hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. Menopause may, however, come much earlier for women whose ovaries have been removed for one reason or another. There are a number of things on hormone replacement therapy St Petersburg FL women need to understand if considering this treatment.

Progesterone and oestrogen hormones are produced by the ovaries and serve the purpose of developing and maintaining the functionality of the reproductive system of a woman. The levels of these hormones peak at the adolescent age when a girl begins to have their periods. It is at this stage that girls begin to develop breasts and other secondary sexual characteristics thanks to the two reproductive hormones. As a woman ages, the reproductive organs also contract and menopause sets in.

HRT formulations normally contain synthetic hormones to replace those that are deficient in the body. They come either as oestrogen only, progesterone only or a combination of both. HRT can be administered in form of pills, skin patches or vaginal creams.

Some menopausal women may not qualify for hormonal therapy because of potential risks associated with the treatment. Before a prescription is made, a detailed history, physical examination and investigations have to be carried out. Those found to have cancer in their reproductive system or have a family history of the same may not qualify for the therapy.

Just like any other treatment, hormone replacement has its own side effects. The patient may note that they are gaining weight without necessarily eating too much. They may also develop an alternate change in mood. Other side effects include breakthrough vaginal bleeding, fluid retention and bloating.

Patients who experience headaches when taking oral pills can be advised to change to skin patches. The main downside of the patches is that they have a tendency to cause irritation and discomfort to some patients. The idea is to be able to find out which mode of administration best suits your needs and stick to it.

Menopausal symptoms usually subside once the patient starts taking the drugs. The route of administration depends on the dominant symptoms. For instance, vaginal creams are better if the main complaint is vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Generally, one begins to see a difference within one to three months of using medication. They will begin to notice that their skin and hair has improved in appearance. Also, susceptibility to bone pain and fractures will be greatly reduced.

In conclusion, hormone replacement medication could either be harmful or beneficial depending on the circumstances under which it is given. This is especially true for combination and oestrogen only pills. It is important to take extreme caution when using them and one of the ways to do that is make sure you are followed up by a gynecologist.

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