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Top Family Physicians Medicine Hat Explain What Is Included In Annual Physical Examination

By Linda Clark

The need to schedule for annual physical exams should not be underestimated. The tests that are done would reveal your state of health, enabling the doctors to plan on the best treatment, management program or preventative measures. Typically, your weight, heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored each time you go for an exam. If you want to find reliable family physicians Medicine Hat is an ideal place where you could begin your investigations.

If you have never scheduled for a physical exam in the past and you are still breathing, you may wonder why it is important. Well, your doctor would run vital tests to understand how your body is performing. Based on your health history, the specialist can also identify certain areas that should be focused on.

In case someone within your family tree suffered from diabetes, then the experts will have to assume that you are also at risk. Though tests and routine screening, the slightest sign of the diabetes would be identified and addressed before things go from bad to worse. The best part is that preventative measures will also be taken and you can avoid contracting the disease all together.

One of the most vital things that happens during physical exams is that your health history is updated. The doctor will consider changes and developments in not just your health, but also your routines. For instance, he or she will not only ask about recent surgeries, allergies, medications and supplements, but will also seek to know details about your job and even your relationships.

Additionally, the doctors will monitor things such as your heart rate and blood pressure and ensure that they are normal. They could also do visual exams of your eyes, chest, wrist, abdomen, head and musculoskeletal system just to mention a few. There are special tools that could be used to listen to your lungs and heart and you should not be amused if your physician requests to check your walking or speech.

Because of the importance of gathering all the needed information about your health status, you should not be surprised if your physician checks your nails, skin and hair. In some instances, it may even be necessary for your rectum and genitalia to be checked. Patients above a certain age may also have their reflexes examined.

Doctors will often take blood samples of laboratory tests. This helps them to get a better understanding of your blood count as well as your chemistry panel. By analyzing your blood plasma concerns with your immune system, blood chemistry, liver, kidneys or lungs can be identified. If nothing out of the ordinary is seen, then you will be offered a clean bill of health.

Depending on your medical needs and gender, physicians may demand for other special tests. For instance, women may need breast exams, mammogram screening and cholesterol tests just to mention a few. On the other hand, men may need prostate cancer screening, testicular exam and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among other tests. Competent physicians will provide tailor-made sessions for each of their patients.

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