Thursday, May 24, 2018

For Affordable Dentistry Andover Citizens Need Not Look Far

By Amanda Nelson

Very few things mar a first impression like a smile showing rotten or missing teeth does. On the other hand, people tend to immediately form a good impression of someone that smiles confidently, showing off healthy white teeth. Public figures and celebrities spend a lot of time at their dentists because they know just how important it is to display snowy white smiles. However, with affordable dentistry Andover residents can also boast confident smiles.

A family dentist, just like the family doctor and family lawyer, plays an important part in the overall well being of families everywhere. They do not only treat problems with the teeth, however. They also treat gum diseases and many other conditions that affect various parts of the oral cavity. The oral cavity is particularly vulnerable because it has to process everything one eats and drinks.

The most common complaint heard from dentists is that so many of their patients see them only when they are in severe pain. Most people ignore the early signs that there is something wrong. They take pain killers and hope that the issue will resolve itself. In fact, it will only get worse. The later one waits to seek treatment the more serious the problem will become.

Regular visits to the dentist is not just important for the purposes of oral health. Many diseases affecting other parts of the body can manifest themselves at an early stage in the oral cavity. Some forms of heart disease, certain types of cancer and high blood pressure, for example, can often be diagnosed before the symptoms appear elsewhere in the body. Early detection means that treatment can be obtained before it develops.

It is also a fact that dental diseases can lead to other diseases elsewhere in the body. Infection, for example, can easily and quickly spread to the rest of the body, causing serious problems and necessitation urgent treatment. Poor dental health even lead to psychological problems. People with rotten teeth often withdraw from social contact and they hardly ever smile because they are ashamed of the image that they project.

The old impression that a visit to the dentist will inevitably involve pain and discomfort is simply no longer true. Dental techniques, instruments and drugs have come a long way. Modern treatment methods involve almost no pain and, best of all, most of the results will never need attention again. Old problems such as poorly fitting dentures and ill coloured caps and dental plates are also a thing of the past.

The vast majority of ordinary dental problems can be avoided. It is vital to brush the teeth regularly, preferably after every meal. It is also important to use a good quality brush and to include the tongue and the gums in the brushing process. Cutting out carbonated drinks and foods high in sugar content can also help prevent cavities from developing.

The mouth is an important and prominent part of the body. If oral health is neglected then cavities, gum disease and the loss of teeth are almost inevitable. Everybody owes themselves a healthy smile and with help from a dentist, this is certainly possible.

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