Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Cancer Foundation Of Northeast Georgia A Beacon Of Hope In Our Society

By Donald Wood

Supporting people when their needs seem overwhelming, the cancer foundation of northeast Georgia is a shining light in what can seem like a sea of darkness. Patients begin to realize that the serious medical problems they face are just one of many issues that they and their families will soon have to tackle.

Listening to a health practitioner revealing a finding of cancer is news that people hope they will never have to hear. Many acknowledge a feeling as if their life has been put on hold from that point onward.

Fortunately for many life does go on. The next weeks and months will rush by in a blur of visits to consultants, test after test and and then, unbelievably, more tests. Scans, radiography, discussions around treatment plans, more consultants and things continue as if there is no end.

It was said that for some life seems to stop right at that moment of diagnosis. One thing that does not stop, however, is the day-to-day aspects of modern life including financial matters, because bills and accounts to be paid will certainly not stop arriving. Many of us do not have the luxury of critical illness insurance cover or work for companies that offer long term incapacity benefits.

A mortgage or rent still needs paying, gas, water and electricity accounts still arrive every month, credit card statements become due, pets still go to the vet, cars will need fuel, salary deductions for student loans are taken, and all manner of daily financial life goes marching on regardless. These things seem to have little regard for this devastating diagnosis.

Serious long term illness can gobble up sick leave entitlement at an alarming rate and for some it can even mean the loss of a job or at best reduced hours. Business owners and the self employed are particularly at risk. At the point where one is least able to deal with such issues, they still remain to be addressed and for many this causes additional distress and anxiety which in turn impacts on health.

Fortunately in all this darkness there is a light of hope shining. Organizations such as this foundation have been established for exactly this purpose. It is regarded by many who have been assisted as a beacon of hope for sufferers burdened down by financial problems. They have assisted over 2700 people since their establishment in 2005.

As a not for profit foundation it had the simple objective to relieve the burdens of money problems for sufferers by providing assistance with basic expenses relating to housing, utility and food expenses and medications. Naturally there are limitations as to what they can do so there are some conditions. For example those who are helped must be at least 18 and currently in treatment, or within six months of treatment, or have elected to go into a hospice. They would also need to have been diagnosed by an official health practitioner.

Residency within the area is a must as is a threshold of current income although this is best explained by phoning the foundation or visiting the website. Cancer sufferers experiencing severe problems with money matters take comfort, there are organizations that are prepared and able to help, but perhaps best of all they provide hope.

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