Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Controversy Around Stem Cell Treatment Centers

By Patrick Mitchell

Advances in medical science sometimes seem to be so rapid that it is hard to keep track of the latest breakthroughs. New instruments, medication, procedures and tools are made available all the time. Many diseases that were seen as a certain death sentences can now be treated very successfully. With no slack in the pace of research, one can just wonder what the next miracle will be. One such field is bone marrow transplants. Stem cell treatment centers offers many patients hope for treatment.

Bone marrow transplants are have been done for some time. Now, for the first time, however, new research show that the potential of this treatment techniques may be much more far reaching than previously thought. Previously, only patients suffering from blood related diseases such as leukaemia were considered for this type of treatment. Their chemo treatments destroyed their blood cells and marrow transplants encouraged the growth of new cells.

It is not true that bone marrow transplant is a cure for any disease. Thus far, it was simply effective in adding some years to the life expectancies of cancer patients. Researchers are confident, however, that this will change and that bone marrow transplants will become a cure for many different diseases. Progress is frustratingly slow, however, because of the complexity of the research procedures involved.

The main characteristic of these transplants are that it promotes the growth of new cells. Once this can be done successfully, diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer will be conquered because the damaged brain cells will simply be replaced with healthy ones. Transplants will also be used to treat physical brain injuries and many different types of spine injury.

Heart Disease is one of the biggest killers on the planet. Millions of people suffer from some form of heart problem. This is why this field is another focus point for bone marrow transplant researchers. If damages heart muscles, valves and arteries can be repaired by growing new ones, then many millions of people will be able to gain a new lease on life.

Unfortunately, the whole issue of bone marrow transplants is at the centre of controversy. Critics say that these transplants are dangerous. Moreover, they point out that it is common practice to use the blood taken from the umbilical cords of unborn babies to perform these transplants. This poses an enormous moral dilemma. Women may even decide to become pregnant for the sole purpose of making money from their unborn babies.

Opponents also accuse researchers in this field of creating expectations that are simply not realistic. They say that it is a known fact that any truly practical use for bone marrow transplants is still many years ago. Major breakthroughs simply will not happen within the next few decades. Critics say researchers create expectations simply for the purpose of obtaining more and more funding for their work.

Nobody can yet say for sure whether bone marrow transplants will be the next major medical miracle. One thing is certain, however, and that is that there are certainly many exciting prospects for these transplants. For the sake of ill patients, one hopes that the research pays off.

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