Sunday, August 26, 2018

Undergoing Laser Treatment For Arthritis In Knees Minimizes Administration Of Drugs

By Mary Jackson

Since they're weight bearing joints that are extremely prone to overuse, trauma or injury, the knees can easily become painful and swollen every now and then. In some cases the symptoms can persist for over 6 months, which is something that is already regarded as chronic by medical professionals. Currently, a growing number of health providers are highly suggesting laser treatment for arthritis in knees to fend off unnecessary drug intake.

Some of the medications given to patients who complain of knee pain and swelling are anti inflammatory ones. These drugs work by halting the body's production of certain types of enzymes, specifically the kinds that partake in the inflammatory response. Inflammation is actually a good thing as it's needed for healing.

The inflammatory response, sadly, can cause a person to encounter pain in the affected area. It is also something that can lead to stiffness, warmth and redness. It's not always that an individual's body can tell when to put the inflammatory process to an end. Due to such, inflammation then becomes more of an obstacle instead of a benefit.

While it's true that anti inflammatory drugs are capable of putting swelling, pain and other related symptoms under control, the fact is many doctors and patients alike are steering clear of them. That's because they are notorious for causing all kinds of side effects. Some of them include dizziness, headaches, stomach pain, stomach ulcers and ringing in the ears. It's also possible for high doses of these drugs to damage the liver and kidneys eventually.

As a result of the various side effects and potential health risks linked to anti inflammatory drugs, alternative solutions for relieving symptoms are being sought by many. Some very popular all natural remedies for arthritis include hot or cold compresses, acupuncture, intake of fish oil capsules, and the use of ginger, turmeric and other herbs.

Lasers are also being sought by many nowadays for controlling the symptoms. Using special instruments, injured or damaged tissues situated in a person's knees are exposed to controlled concentration of light beams. This leads to the generation of heat, something that makes it possible for the treatment to work.

The treatment encourages the blood vessels where there's an injury to widen. When such is attained, fluids that have collected are eliminated from the body effectively. This leads to a significant reduction in swelling. In the process, stiffness, pain, warmth and redness present are also reduced considerably.

Aside from reducing the symptoms considerably just like what anti inflammatory drugs do, another amazing thing about the use of lasers is it can actually result in damaged or injured tissue healing. Experts confirm that lasers are capable of encouraging the body's tissues to repair themselves. So in other words, the effects are long lasting rather than temporary.

Treatment that entails the utilization of lasers assists in reducing an individual's need to depend heavily on anti inflammatory medications. This spares him or her from putting up with various side effects and many health risks associated with their administration. It is confirmed by the experts that lasers yield results best when used alongside other conservative solutions.

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