Sunday, July 14, 2019

Benefits Of An Adult Tricycle

By Nancy Scott

There are many reasons to get out and enjoy the summer weather. The nice thing about that is that you can get exercise while having fun with friends and family. One way is going for rides on bikes and trikes. Unfortunately, many adults have given up riding bikes for various reasons and have a bit of anxiety when it comes to starting the practice up again. The good news is that the adult tricycle has come back in style. These actually date back to before the two-wheeled version. Though they're not built for speed, they provide stability, good exercise, and fun for those riding them.

Getting fit is a summer goal for many people. The excuses are gone when it comes to finding ways to get out of exercising. So, with this new spirit of desire to get fit, it is time to get busy. The summer offers many opportunities to do so. You can play sports, join outdoor fitness clubs, or go for a ride. These are all valid and fun ways to get fit. For many, going for a ride is the best option.

If you don't like what you're doing, you'll probably quit. There is no way a person will continue doing something that is painful that they despise. If a workout is something you dread, you're going to quit. That's just a fact. This means you must find something you enjoy in order to continue to work on getting fit. Riding bikes and trikes is something that will provide great exercise without the work part of the workout. You can do it by yourself or in a group that provides encouragement. Some whole families will do this type of event together. It's fun and no one realizes they are actually getting in shape.

Getting on a bicycle is intimidating for many people. Adults have usually not gone for a bike ride in years. The idea of hopping back on a bike can be intimidating because of the level of coordination that it takes. Some will even say that they haven't ridden in years and that's why they won't try it again. Fear of humiliation of tipping over is a huge deal. With a tricycle, those fears can be forgotten. Since there are two wheels in the back, you won't tip over. You can climb on board, get set, and start riding. Even when you come to a full stop you can keep your feet on the pedals; something you can't do on a bike.

Comfort is key. Speed bikes are designed for the rider to be bent over and become one with the frame. This makes them more aerodynamic to allow them to speed down the race track. For those that are not trying to win a race, this can be an uncomfortable position. With the tricycle, you can either sit back or upright while you ride. It is easier on your back and you have the benefit of seeing everything around you.

There are a couple of types of trikes. One is the upright trike. There are two wheels in the back and the seat is high and similar to most regular bikes. Your posture will be fully upright. The recumbent style sits lower to the ground and employs a bucket style seat. For this style, you sit back with your feet extended in front of you as you pedal and guide the bike. These are great for much longer rides because of their comfort level.

Group tours provide fun with a goal. You can create your own tour for your family, but joining an organized tour will have you stopping at scenic points that you might otherwise miss. They are great fun because the other riders are all in it for the same reason and will provide the support and encouragement needed. The guide will have a planned route that fits the skills of the riders in the group.

Enjoying your exercise will make it much easier to do. There are benefits to each different type of exercise. Cardio exercise is great for the heart and losing weight. By riding in a group or with your friends and family, you can enjoy the exercise and get fit while doing so.

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