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Keeping Osteoporosis At Bay Via Weight Loss Los Altos CA Locals Have To Opt For

By Andrew Watson

Put simply, osteoporosis is a disease that is characterized by the thinning and weakening of the bones. It's a matter that is regarded as very serious and debilitating as it can cause fractures. The good news is that it is a highly preventable disease, say health authorities. Weight loss Los Altos CA residents should obtain is highly recommended in order to have one's risk of encountering the disease considerable lowered.

Everyone knows that losing unnecessary body kilos is a highly effective way to drive away numerous heart-related problems. It's also something that can effectively lower one's odds of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Not too many people know that attaining a slimmer figure can in fact keep at bay so many other problems, and one of those is osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease that may develop as a result of hormonal imbalance due to being obese or overweight. According to scientists, excess fat cells in the body are actually capable of manufacturing their own hormones. This can easily upset hormonal balance within, which is something that can cause so many problems to strike sooner or later.

A lot of problems may come into being as a result of improper balance of the hormones, and osteoporosis is just one example of those. Many are terrified of ending up being diagnosed with this disease because it is something that's strongly associated with fractures. Someone who is suffering from osteoporosis is at high risk of suffering from a hip fracture. The only way to deal with this serious problem is by undergoing hip replacement surgery, which is a very risky and pricey medical treatment.

Osteoporosis can affect anyone, health professionals confirm. Women, however, are likelier to wind up battling the dreaded bone disease. Primarily, it can be blamed on the fact that the bones of women are generally smaller and also thinner. It's because of this exactly why they are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis than men.

Another common reason is menopause, which is a condition that all women are meant to encounter sooner or later. The problem with being in the menopausal stage is that it can considerably decrease the levels of estrogen. One of the many different roles played by this female hormone is maintaining superb bone strength. As a result of a significant drop in estrogen levels within, a woman who is already menopausal is at high risk of encountering osteoporosis.

Aside from eliminating excess pounds, health authorities confirm that there are many other smart steps that may be taken in order to lower one's risk of encountering osteoporosis in the future. Having a diet that's rich not only in calcium but vitamin D, too, is very important. It is for the obvious reason that it promotes optimum bone strength.

Having a regular dose of exercise is certainly important, health experts agree. The best ones for reducing one's risk of encountering osteoporosis are walking, running, stair climbing, playing badminton and various other weight-bearing routines that force the body to go against gravity. It is also so important to drink alcohol moderately, and cigarette smoking should be put to an end without any delay.

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