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Here Is Information On Russellville Breast Surgery

By Andrew Snyder

Mammoplasty is a medical term used to refer to breast surgery. Mammoplasty is a kind of surgery done on the breasts for different reasons. It could be done as a treatment for medical problems like breast cancer. The procedure is also done for cosmetic purposes in other cases. The population of women who undergo mammoplasty for cosmetic reasons seems to be rising because of different reasons. This is worth knowing about Russellville breast surgery.

Safety and ease of operation due to technological advancements is one of the reasons why there is a large number of women that go for this surgery. Currently, the risk to personal health that is associated with going through mammoplasty is much lower compared to what it was a few years back. Recovery time is also reduced because the procedure less invasive these days. There has been a tremendous improvement in the equipment that surgeons use on these surgeries.

Today, there exist three main categories of mammoplasty in practice. These are breast reduction, augmentation, and reconstruction. Augmentation is a procedure that many women go through with the aim of increasing the shape, size, and the appeal of their breasts. This procedure is undergone by some women to restore the initial shape and size of breasts after pregnancy or to increase the size of breasts in general.

Sometimes, the breasts of a woman may be asymmetrical, whereby one is bigger than the other. Through augmentation, it is possible to achieve the same size for both breasts. Augmentation involves the installation of implants underneath the chest muscle. The incision can be placed in one of the three main parts, that is, the lower breast fold, areola, or axilla. All the three incisions are minimally invasive.

Implants are typically made from silicone shell. The shell is then packed with silicone or saline gel. Saline gel is a solution of water and salt. One has to know the breast size they want to have after completion of the surgery before they go for the procedure. Trial implants are available for one to try so that they can be sure of the size they want.

The use of saline is unrestricted and safe. The US FDA has approved its use without restrictions, unlike silicone gel implants which can only be used under certain stringent conditions. The FDA in fact once outlawed the use of silicone implants. Only women under approved scientific research are allowed to use the product. These ongoing research is directed at determining the safety of silicone gel.

Augmentation process is quite straightforward and safe. There are very few cases of surgeries that have gone bad. However, there are still some uncertainties and risks involved because it is a surgical process like any other. Discussing the applicability, safety, and options with a board-certified plastic surgical doctor is important before one undergoes it.

The only medical practitioner with the requisite skills and training to perform the surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon. It is for this reason that one needs to verify the licensing and certification of the surgeon they opt to work with in advance. Finding a certified plastic surgeon can be made easier by consulting the local health department.

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