Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Comparison Between A Shoe Insert And A Custom Orthotics

By Brenda Warner

Precisely, only a few individuals can tell you what a shoe insert means and what a fashion pad. As long as a foot insert is not prescribed by a doctor or made to fit your shoe, therefore that is a shoe insert. As such, custom orthotics are prescribed devices made to fit your shoe. The devices helps in realigning foot joints while one is standing or running.

Shoe inserts are very important because of the reasons mentioned below. Relieving foot and leg pain is the first reason. Similarly, they support your heels but unfortunately they do not cure out-standing foot ailments. Habitual pads are important since they help in preventing foot ailments, they support the foot. They are also used with orthopedic footware that is properly fitted shoes to prevent diseases like ulcers and diabetics of the foot.

Arch supports, insoles, heel cups and foot cushions are the common known types of foot pads. Different people have different types of feet. Either high, low or flat feet. Ankle supports therefore allows comfortability of any kind of heels. Insoles, mostly made of plastic are meant to provide extra cushioning.

A third type is heel liners which provide extra cushioning. They are very useful for patients with foot pain caused by thinning of the heels. The last type is foot cushion which prevent your shoes from rubbing against your heel . These cushions come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used as a barrier between you and your shoe.

The two groups of prescription orthotics are functional and accommodative devices. The functional group is mostly used to control abnormal movement as well as to treat splints or tendinitis. Functional pads are usually made of almost rigid material such as graphite. Accommodative devices on the other side are soft provide additional cushioning on the ankle. They also cater for other uncomfortable foot conditions.

Some of the guidelines one can use while purchasing their foot inserts include the following. First and foremost, your health should come first. Diabetic conditions have become very common and therefore consulting foot experts before buying your fashion pads is advisable. Shoe inserts bought over the counter therefore are not safe not only for diabetic patients but also those with blood circulation ailments.

Similarly, before going for a type of shoe insert, you have to think about its purpose. Some may want a habitual or those for marathon purposes and others may need them just to support their ankles while walking. Carrying your shoes to the store sounds wise as you purchase your foot pad. Slip the insert into your boots or any other shoe you would like it to feel comfortable.

Finally, after fixing the pad into your shoes try to walk or run around to feel if there is any change. Some prescribed orthotics may fit into your shoe but fail to give you the feeling you wished for. Trying different shapes and sizes of the pad ensues you end up getting the one that really suits you best. For every individual in Longmont CO, they need to take into account the above considerations to be highly satisfied with the performance and results. If not, one will end up giving false accusations and negative reviews that would affect the manufacturers.

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