Friday, November 13, 2015

Some Vital Laser Tag Tips

By Mattie Knight

Having that competitive spirit is not a bad thing. This can make you act in the same way with the other aspects of your life. In that way, winning will be a common thing in this life existence and that can lead you to be very proud of yourself. Working hard and getting what you wanted can be quite a bliss.

First of all, pick the suits that are really dark. A standard laser tag Chula Vista arena will be in this color palette which means that you can easily blend in. However, do not hide all the time since you still have to shoot to end this game in the soonest time possible. Time can be very limited here.

Divide your players in San Diego, CA according to what they are capable of doing. For the more accurate shooters, they have to remain standing while shooting. This can make the target more visible to them. The lower shooters would serve as the distraction for your entire strategy to work.

Also, try to encourage your lower shooters to be still for most of the time. This is not to make the useless. On the contrary, their stable position can prevent them from being shot and that will give in more shooting power for the needed distraction. You can never win on a one on one set up because of your newly acquired skills.

When they take a step back, that is your signal to advance. Use the weaknesses of these people to your advantage. Do not be too kind on them since they will not give you the same courtesy if the table has been turned. Thus, continue moving forward but be sure to guard your own target point.

Watch some military films for you to gain insight from them. However, try not to bring any violent behavior to the arena. After all, this is just a game and you can even get banned from the place because of your behavior. So, keep your energy level at bay and focus on the laid out strategy.

Do not engage right away when the enemy is in your area. Surprise them for you to remain to be in the upper hand of the situation. Also, do not let anybody make a move that is not included in the strategy. This can make them spot where you are hiding and result to your immediate loss.

Have the courage to attack the enemy side head on. However, you have to be sure that your number is already greater than them. This can even the odds especially when they are running low on battery. This can also increase the excitement which you have been feeling for the past few minutes.

Just keep your presence of mind in a situation such as this one. Tactics are the ones which can bring you to your success. Also, encourage everyone to listen to suggestions since your strategy has to be the output of each member. The results can be more fruitful in that way.

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