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Top 6 Dental Tips From A Dentist In Olympic Village Vancouver To Help You Care For Your Dentures

By Mattie Knight

Dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth that are held in position by the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. These false teeth come in different types, and it can be difficult for you to choose ones that suit you best. Therefore, if you are planning to get them, seek help from a professional dentist in Olympic Village Vancouver. Now that you have dentures in your mouth, you will need the following six tips to help you take good care of them, for longevity and efficiency.

To start with, clean your prosthetic teeth with a denture cleaner. Avoid making use of toothpaste and household cleaners when cleaning dentures. Instead, make use of hand soap because it is very mild on the dentures. You are also advised to avoid using bleaches to try and whiten the dentures because they may end up whitening the pink part of the dentures. Ultrasonic cleaners are the ideal cleaning device for dentures.

Unless you are a professional denturist, never attempt realigning or repairing dentures on your own. You might end up bending metallic clasps wrongly and thus weakening your dentures. Whether you have DIY alignment kits or not, you still need the help of a professional denturist when it comes to repairing false teeth.

Most people ruin their dentures because of poor storage when they are not wearing them. Loss of moisture during storage leads to loss of shape. It is important to make sure that they stay moist when not in the mouth. In case you do not have the right solution for keeping them moist, water will do just fine. Ask your dentist for a recommendation on the storage of dentures when not in use.

Know how you should handle your dentures. You should always handle the dentures with care. Dropping them or leaving them in places where they are at risk of getting hit increases their risk of getting deformed. Also, leaving them in a place where they could get contamination can lead to you getting oral infections.

Never try fitting deformed dentures in your mouth. Prosthetic teeth are designed to fit your mouth without forcing them. However, deformed dentures will not fit with ease and forcing them can severely hurt your gums. Normally, deformities are a result of either leaving dentures to dry out or dropping them onto a hard surface. Now, if your false teeth are feeling tight in the mouth, the high odds are that they are deformed, and you should consult a denturist for professional advice.

Avoid going to bed with dentures in your mouth. It is advisable to remove prosthetic teeth at night to give mouth tissues ample time to recover. You can alternatively elect to remove them during the day for about six to eight hours. False teeth that have metal clasps ought to be preserved in water-vinegar or warm water solution to remove plaque, bacteria, stains and tartar.

With these maintenance tips, your dentures can remain in top shape and be effective for about 6 to 7 years before you replace them. A denturist will help you get the right denture size, maintenance and replacement. The expert assesses your overall well-being before deciding the type of dentures that best suit you.

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