Saturday, November 21, 2015

Discover The Right Solutions For Pediatric Hypothyroidism With Dallas Thyroid Doctor

By Loraine Roane

Many adults are dealing with problems like hypothyroidism today and you can see a physician for a simple blood test. If a problem is found, the solution is usually medication. Yet, many young people have hypothyroidism and may not be aware of it, and your local Dallas thyroid doctor can be of help

Sometimes newborn babies can be affected by hypothyroidism. This condition is caused when the thyroid gland cannot produce sufficient hormones. This can sometimes cause newborns to be yellow or jaundiced. Although this condition is common and not always hypothyroidism, it can be, and the child should be checked.

Common hypothyroid symptoms for newborns include eating problems and they may choke often. The child's face may be puffier than normal and the tongue might be large and protruding. Hypothyroidism may cause babies to have constipation and they might be sleepier than normal newborns. These problems can lead to mental retardation if not fixed in time.

Teenagers and children have many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism as adults. However, your child may be much shorter than normal and hypothyroidism may be a contributing factor. The child may also be performing poorly in school and may have problems with development of teeth. Plus, the condition may delay the onset of puberty.

Hypothyroidism can cause a number of symptoms in adults. This can include over tiredness and feelings of being cold. A hoarse voice and dry skin may also be present. However, many people might not know that hypothyroidism may cause cholesterol problems also. Instead of taking statin drugs you may need hypothyroid medication.

Hypothyroidism is usually easily treated but you have to seek out medical help. This is especially important if you think a child has a problem. Your endocrinologist has a great deal of experience with these types of medical problems and is there to provide safe solutions for you and your family.

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