Sunday, December 20, 2015

Discover Diagnostic Ultrasounds Services In Sugar Land TX

By Ted Strothers

Ultrasound technology has seen dramatic changes in recent years. Though the images continue to be indispensable medically, they also have tremendous emotional value when associated with pregnancy. Expectant parents receive a real life preview of their baby, and they love it. Sugar Land 3D/4D diagnostic ultrasound services offer many imaging options.

In most cases the first imaging studies are done when the pregnancy is twenty weeks along. However, images can be taken at any time during the pregnancy. When the baby reaches the twenty week mark it looks like a real little person, not quite so alien looking as earlier images. At this stage the gender can usually be identified. Soon to be parents and grandparents are elated with the images and the information.

Previously the only images available for the family were 2D black and white prints. At the time this seemed revolutionary. Today expectant mothers and fathers can have 3D color images saved to a compact disc. The images can be emailed to family and friends.

With 4D images, expectant parents get an actual video of the baby moving in the womb. In addition to the sentimental value, this helps prepare the mother for the blessed event. Impending motherhood becomes more real as she sees the baby/mother bond and connection.

This incredible technology allows family and doctors to take a peek inside the womb. Sometimes the images reveal an abnormality that could potentially harm the fetus or mother. When a medical issue is known before birth, often the physicians and take steps to prevent a birth injury.

The emotional bond created with these images is wonderful for the expectant parents. As keepsakes the images will always be invaluable. Yet the medical significance of this technology is beyond measure. Many babies and mothers had happy outcomes because of diagnostic ultrasound images. For so many reasons the imaging represents a breakthrough in science and technology.

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