Thursday, December 3, 2015

Live Like Endotracheal Tube, Live To Sustain Life In Times Of Trouble

By Marci Nielsen

You may have been in a position that feels like you are choking. That breathing seems difficult. Things around you just got tangled up and you no longer have a space to breathe. And since you can no longer breathe on your own, you suddenly cry out for someone to at least help you out to gain the air you need.

You may have notice that aside from the people doing the operation, there are other things that needs to be there, to ensure total operation success. Doctors use endotracheal tube with subglottic suction to support the patient. It gives passage to the airway so that he is still able to gasp the air he needs.

In the same scenario, as we go through our daily walks of life, we encounter challenges that leave us breathless. Sometimes it gets difficult to get some air that we call on with things that could help us out. We talk to psychologist or use religious figures to help us out from giving up. It is best to identify the things that we can do to help ourselves out.

You first need to know the problem. Admit that you need help. No patient can be helped out if he hides something from the doctor. We may not be talking about physical problem here, but normally these problems causes more damage than any other physical illnesses. Get your case figured and be brave to admit you want help.

It would be easier to fix a problem if you face and fix it at the first stage. But if it had gone a long way and you are already on a situation that you cannot breathe anymore, then do not waste any more time. Walk out of that situation the soonest time possible. There are a lot of figures around that could help you.

It certainly does its job well. Looking at it from afar, it does not seem to do much. Just imagine yourself swimming. You may last from few seconds to a few minutes, depending on your capacity to hold up your air. But eventually you will need to go back up to get some air. But if a patient runs out of air, he does not have a way to swim up.

Another helpful tip is getting helped out. It could from someone you look up to. Since you already had yourself figured and admitted that you need help, be open for help from the surrounding people. Ask help from people who can lift you up from that situation. It is okay to ask for help.

Now, even you already talked to the best person who had given you the best advice anyone can get, if you will not do it, then nothing would happen. Acceptance is the key. If you are wrong, learn to change. When you get hurt, receive healing. Bottom line is, you still hold the key. You have control over your thoughts.

Trust yourself. Make your life worth living. Believe you can become a person that will have impact to others. Believe that one day you will look back in your traces and see the beautiful fruits of happiness you have. You will not always be noticed. But the joy inside you is worth it all.

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