Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Find Out How Gresham Chiropractor Alleviates Whiplash Pain

By Loraine Roane

It can be difficult to turn or rotate the head when dealing with whiplash and the joint dysfunction that it causes. People have a hard time driving their cars and taking part in other important activities. The good news is that a Gresham chiropractor can facilitate healing and relief.

It is important for people to go to the emergency room after being in major impact events. Conventional doctors, however, only offer pain medications after whiplash is identified. They do not typically offer physical therapies for resolving any related spinal alignment issues or for alleviating the joint dysfunction.

Chiropractors approach injuries like these in a very hands-on fashion. They perform comprehensive examinations of the spine to see how impact events have disrupted spinal alignment. When they identify vertebrae that have been displace by car accidents or slip and fall injuries, they use manual adjustments to put these vertebrae back where they belong.

Your provider can also use ultrasound to diminish your discomfort. With ultrasound, special equipment will send sound waves into the targeted area to promote comfort and alleviate swelling and inflammation. It is a safe addition to an effective and all-natural plan for managing pain. As swelling and inflammation are decreased, your body can aggressively work to resolve your injury.

People can also receive massage to help improve joint functionality and mobility. In fact, each person will be given an individualized and integrated plan of care that is designed to expedite the recovery process. This way, chiropractic patients can recognize noticeable improvements with each and every visit.

The pressure on the injured joint will be relieved by efforts to correct alignment issues. Other therapies such as ultrasound can expedite the normal healing process and alleviate pain. This care allows people with whiplash to comfortably regain movement in the neck while moderating their used of prescribed or store-bought medicines for pain.

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