Thursday, December 24, 2015

What One Should Understand About Duracoat Products

By Marci Nielsen

Duracoat is a big company located in the US that specializes in manufacture and supply of different kinds of coatings. Duracoat products are sold on a global scale in almost all countries. However the main consumer is the United States. Other big consumers are western countries such as the UK, Germany, France, and Canada. The company is one of the biggest corporations in the industry. In Lawrence, KS, the company controls a significant market size compared to its competitors.

The history of the company goes back several years in the past. The initial products it produced were usually basic coatings, but over time, the number of paints produced has grown very huge. Despite having financial difficulties in its infancy, the company has managed to overcome them and establish itself well in as far as financial position is concerned. Currently, it is among the most profitable corporations since it is a multi-million business.

Good management takes the praise for the wide portfolio of commodities manufactured. The company ranks high among some of the most well-managed firms in paint industry because it has had some of the best managers running it in the past. The philosophies and strategies adopted by most managers in the past have aimed to expand production and increase profitability in operations.

Today, the firm has several satellite production factories on almost all continents, courtesy of superior management. Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America are the continents on which the biggest satellite factories are situated. The long-term strategic plan involves establishing production factories in Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia where they are not already established.

The diverse product portfolio is also as a result of extensive research and development. Every year the firm invests millions of dollars to research and develop innovative coatings that solve real problems. That is why Duracoat can be attributed with inventing among the greatest coatings in the industry today. All management teams that have run the firm have always supported research and development, making some kind of a corporate culture.

Although production sites are not located on all continents, distributors are located everywhere. In order to ensure that commodities are supplied in all corners of the world, the corporation maintains a huge network of distributors in every country. Distributors are usually private investors who are given the authority to sell and distribute commodities to retail businesses. A good network of distributors, superior production methods, better management, and extensive research and development are the main sources of competitive advantage the business leverages on.

Costs for commodities have been driven down by the various sources of competitive advantage, which has helped to attract buyers. Commodities cost differently in different countries depending on the prevailing economic situation. Even so, the business tries a lot to maintain stability in its prices worldwide.

Duracoat is a manufacturer of all types of coatings and paints. The applications for the various coatings are diverse and they include appliance, garage door, rainwave, trim and sidewall, metal roofing, and truck trailer siding uses. The coatings are useful in offering resistance against erosion, corrosion, and oxidation. The commodities have been rated among the best.

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