Monday, August 22, 2016

Aspects Leading To The Prevalence Of Abdominal Pain

By Nancy Edwards

It is no doubt that many people encounter stomach distresses. Their intensity determines if home treatment methods will help, or an individual will have to see a doctor. Contributing factors to an abdominal pain exist abundantly. The shocking thing is that, such causes mainly emanate from daily living habits. Here is an article consisting of helpful information about the sources of convulsions.

One of the causes of stomach troubles is the gaining of weight. The addition of extra pounds results in the accumulation of cholesterol and calcium salts in the body. The resulting effect is piling of pressure around the intestinal area. Such individuals often feel plenty of discomforts, and may escalate when more weight is continuously added. People who gain excess weight should strive to shed it off, by adjusting their dietary intake.

Another reason behind stomach distress is stress. Supposing one is experiencing high levels of stress, hormones will be produced. Plentiful production of stress hormones leads to activation of the stomach and large intestine contractions. When this happens, an individual experiences excruciating pain. Therefore, one need to engage in activities that act as stress relievers. Engaging in jogging, yoga or even swimming, can come a long way in stress reduction.

Lactose intolerance is also a contributor of abdominal pains. This implies that the digestive system of a person encounters trouble when it comes to digestion of lactose. Lactose is evident mainly in dairy products. Estimates indicate that several women experience this problem, and some of them are not aware. If an individual suspects that he or she is lactose intolerant, undertaking a medical test is the right thing to do.

Another cause of cramps is also gluten intolerance. For this condition, an individual is likely to exhibit an immune reaction. This is signified by the production of antibodies that disrupt the normal functioning of villi located in the ileum. Since villi assists in the absorption of salts, it means that the process is hampered. In return, plenty of discomforts is experienced. Therefore, such a person has to avoid intake of gluten rich products.

Constipation is another leading factor for intestinal troubles. Constipation is evident when an individual experiences difficulty in stool release. Such a person exhibits minimal bowel movements. This problem is addressed by shifting to the intake of fiber rich foods. Some of them include vegetables and fruits. Additionally, plenty intake of water can help a great deal. Medical practitioners also encourage the utilization of laxatives, and other fiber supplements.

When an individual is approaching the menstrual cycle period, cramps are rampant. Even so, the pains vary according to the person in question. Other Greenbelt MD residents exhibit severe symptoms, whereas their counterparts have mild pains. It is critical to desist from using tobacco and alcohol to reduce the adversity of menstrual cramps.

Over dependence on local medication also contributes to the pains. Such drugs always have acids which accumulate in the belly and cause contractions leading to distress. One needs to seek professional help in a bid to desist from relying on painkillers. With the pointers listed overhead, an individual in Greenbelt MD, can practice safe habits geared towards keeping off abdominal discomfort.

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