Monday, August 15, 2016

Role Of Breast Cancer Survivor Jewelry In Creating Awareness

By Diane Williams

Besides skin cancer, cases of breast cancer are being reported more among women in America. Research reveal less than thirty percent of newly discovered cancer patients are linked to the breast. With no cure of it, chances of survival are only limited to cases that have been discovered early enough. As encouragement, winners are offered Breast Cancer Survivor Jewelry.

Cancer victims usually suffer emotionally, financially and even psychologically. Because of these challenges, women who have endured the healing process still find it difficult to manage it in life for a considerable length of time. Hence, there is need to offer them solace in order to restore the happiness that they previously had in life.

Survivors and patients who still live with the disease have stories to tell because of the trying time that they have had with the condition. This gave birth to the word Breast Cancer Survivor. This phrase became a common language which they could talk on issues they faced as well as their road to recovery. It is a term created for those who were free from the signs and symptoms for more than five years.

Women suffering from the disease are often stigmatized in the society. The jewelry enable them develop a sense of optimism from the words of encouragement bore on the items. Victims are those who succumbed to the disease. Therefore, there was much need to alter this name to survivor. It brings a tinge of hope and the will to push through for those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer.

The ladies infected are not the only persons feeling the blow of the situation. The situation also affects the people allied to the patient as well. If you think they too do not deserve the jewelry, think again. The necklaces and bracelets also play a key role in bringing back hope that their relative, friend or colleague will recover. This hope trickles down to the infected patient and it brings optimism.

It is not easy fighting and winning the battle against breast cancer. As if surviving is not enough, one also has to worry about how they can live a long life in the best means possible. Support is essential especially when one has to visit the heath care facility for various types of test and subsequently await the results. Despite the outcome, survivor jewelry are important for their encouragement.

Losing a breast or both to overcome cancerous calls is not easy. It renders survivors infertile. This is a misfortune because they start developing a sense of inferiority. Low self esteem then comes into play. With a survivor bracelet or necklace on their wrist or neck, they begin to view the situation with positivity rather than being emotionally crippled.

Loss of fertility because of the breast being cancerous is unfortunate. Most women dream of one day having their own children. Survival is just the light at the end of the tunnel and this is not the end of the road. Survivor jewelry is but a pledge by the society to encouraging them and being their pillar of strength for the survivors.

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