Saturday, August 6, 2016

Strategies To Use To Improve The Delivery Of Patient Education

By Laura Taylor

Many people end up going back to hospitals shortly after been discharged. The reason behind this is that most people are not taught how to take care of themselves before they are discharged. Nurses have the responsibility to teach their patients the proper way of taking care of themselves as they recovery. Here are among the most effective strategies to use to improve the delivery of patient education:

People have distinct ways in which they learn and understand quickly. Some people are better learners when they watch a video while others are better when they read from a book. Due to this, as a nurse, you should interrogate your patient to know their preferred manner of learning. After you are aware of their best mode of learning, ensure you use it in the best way possible to teach them.

The current advancements in technology have made learning enjoyable and smooth. As a nurse, you can use gadgets like mobile phones and computers to teach your patients. This will help you store instructions and videos that can act as sources of reference to the patients. The use of technology also helps them to remember easily what they learned.

Not everyone appreciates been taught by someone or been told what to do. Some patients may have lost hope in themselves and think that learning to take care of themselves is a complete waste of time. The nurses should motivate them first about life before teaching them. Take your time when it comes to dealing with patients, some may still be in the stage of denial. Help them out of that stage first and let them see the positive side of life.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your patients in advance. Once you have identified this, it will allow you to identify the best way to teach them. For instance, when dealing with very elderly people, make sure that you are very patient. The type of medical condition that an individual is suffering from also determines how best to teach them.

Ensure that the learning is jovial and interactive. This is where you should give room for your patients to ask for clarifications and even express their feelings. This will help them to understand and remember easily. This also will help you create a bond with your patients.

Make the learning session fun and short. Engage your patients in all types of questions concerning the topic discussed. Allow the patients to ask and clarify on information provided. You can also use images and pictures where necessary to make it easier to understand, and a fun learning process. It not advisable to teach patients for a long period of time. They will get bored, tired, and lose interest in learning.

How fast a patient gets well is influenced by the level of health care they get and how they manage their illnesses. To ensure that your patients get better quickly, it is your role as a nurse to teach them on how to manage their illness. In case your patient does not have proper skills on how to handle their illness, you will have failed in your role as a nurse. This article gives different strategies on how to improve the learning experience of your patients.

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