Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Understanding How A Minute Clinic Omaha Residents Frequent Can Benefit You

By Christine Lee

It seems like the only time you have a medical emergency is in the middle of the night or on weekends and holidays. You know your doctor's office is closed, and your problem really isn't appropriate for the emergency room. When this happens to Omaha, Nebraska residents, they are turning more and more often to a minute clinic Omaha pharmacies have opened.

One of the best things about this resource is that it's open seven days a week and after normal business hours. A lot of the retail stores that offer this service are found in the midst of local neighborhoods instead of on the outskirts of town or within a hospital complex. Walk-ins are welcome, and you can purchase your prescriptions without leaving the building.

These clinics will also treat almost anyone, regardless of age or gender. If you have a child under the age of two however, they may not be able to help you and will refer you to your pediatrician for consultation. Since children often seem to get sick quickly with rapid fever spikes, having an option that doesn't require an appointment or long waiting period is a plus.

Before you spend valuable time going to one of the minute clinics, only to find out they cannot assistant you, you should clearly understand just what they do offer. Individuals with infections, viruses, and minor injuries can be treated as these clinics. You can get flu and booster shots for yourself and your children. Most also perform routine tests, but you should probably call ahead to see if they offer the type you need.

The affordability of these clinics is another aspect that is making them so popular. They are significantly less expensive than an emergency room visit. They are also less expensive than going to an urgent care facility, or even your family doctor. Published price lists are another factor that most individuals like. You may not know how much you owe after a doctor's visit until you get the bill. In one of these clinics the prices for services offered are clearly posted.

Minute clinics are not substitutes for emergency room care however. You should not expect them to have the facilities or the staff needed for major medical situations. Most do not have physicians on sight. When you go to one of the clinics, a licensed practical nurse or doctor's assistant will probably be the one examining you. Since there are no actual physicians in attendance, some individuals question the quality of care they will receive in a pharmacy.

Not everyone is comfortable going to retail clinics. Some feel more secure with the doctors and nurses they have established a rapport with. You should also be aware that the medical staff at these facilities do not have the authority to access your medical history or records.

Retail clinics are an excellent option in certain situations. They are accessible at all hours, conveniently located, and affordable. You may not always go to a retail clinic, but they can readily handle minor injuries and ailments.

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