Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Long Island Mosquito Control Specialists Can Tell You About EEE

By David Kellan

If you wish to discuss the diseases that are passed by way of mosquito bites, you're going to want to spend time on Eastern equine encephalitis. Despite its rarity compared to other mosquito-borne illnesses, malaria and yellow fever included, EEE is nothing short of serious. As a matter of fact, depending on the area you live, your need for a Long Island mosquito control specialist might be great. These are just a few things that such a specialist can tell you about EEE.

As mentioned earlier, EEE is a rare mosquito-borne illness compared to others. According to companies like Alternative Earthcare, there are only a few reported cases of the disease every year. Does this necessarily mean that you have nothing to worry about? One can make the argument that it's all the more important that you learn about EEE. There are a few signs linked to this condition to be aware of.

Someone with EEE will show symptoms anywhere from a few days to more than a week after the initial mosquito bite. Some of the milder symptoms include tiredness and irritability, which don't seem serious. However, if this disease isn't given the attention it needs, it's very possible that it can result in the sufferer falling into a coma. This is why it's important to know about the necessary precautions, which those in mosquito control Long Island can tell you about.

Even though there's no cure for EEE yet, there are ways to manage the disease at hand. Therapy is often the most common course of action, depending on the severity of a person's EEE. If it's a condition that requires greater attention, transfer to an intensive care unit may be needed. It can be difficult to determine what the ideal course of action is, so make sure that you consult your doctor as soon as possible.

These are just a few things to know about EEE, but it's easy to see that it is a severe condition. While it's rare, as discussed earlier, the negative repercussions that it has must not go overlooked. If you'd like to know how to prevent EEE, mosquito control goes a long way. Not only will this particular service be able to treat your lawn for a variety of pests, mosquitoes included, but your quality of life will be improved.

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