Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Useful Information Regarding Herniated Disc

By Eric Fox

Spinal cord is known to be the most important part of the human body. It has nerve cells, which extend from all parts of the body to the brain. Thus, it forms the central nervous system because it unites with the brain. This usually aids in processing of information by the brain. It is the processing of information that causes movement of body parts from place to place.

The spinal cord is only functional whenever it is in good condition. Injury causes widespread dysfunction of the whole system. Various conditions can be caused when the spinal cord is injured, including herniated disc. This condition is caused by automobile accidents majorly, but there are other causes too. Automobile accidents put too much pressure on the spine, causing the discs it contains to move.

The spinal disc refers to a structure that serves as a shock absorber and it holds the spine in case an accident occurs. When it comes to herniation in discs, one should know that the stress put to the spinal cord during vehicular collision forces discs out of their normal position. This means that the spinal cord can no longer absorb shock, hence the medical condition called hernia of spinal cord.

A person suffering from the condition has recurrent neck, back or leg pain. This is because the normal arrangement of the spine has been altered or weakened by the accident hence the spine cannot function properly. The dislocation of the disc result to creation of a protrusion in the outer ring of the spinal cord which causes pain and discomfort.

The condition normally occurs in the lower back area. It can also be caused by natural aging of the spine. This shows that there are chances of one suffering from the condition in their life. It mostly affects the old people than young. In young people, their discs have enough water thus they are rarely affected. As they grow old, the discs also dry slowly and weaken thus becoming prone to wear and tear.

Other than aging, other factors include the type of gender also affect the occurrence of the problem. Men can easily be affected compared to women. The use of back muscles when lifting heavy objects makes one to likely suffer from the disease . This is because a lot of pressure is placed on the lower back. People should therefore avoid long hours of sitting and driving. Time for walking should be set aside daily.

One has to go for physical body checkups frequently. This will help them to identify whether they are affected. Some of the signs are frequent leg or foot pains, back pains, weakness in legs. These are clear indications that one may be affected by this problem. Having these symptoms, one has to seek medical attention fast.

Prevention and treatment of the condition can be done in early stages. Non-surgical treatments such as bed rest can help. Prescription by a doctor is also another way of preventing the problem. One might be given anti-inflammatory medications to relieve pain. Physical therapy, involving specific exercises to help in strengthening of the lower back can also help. Proper eating and engaging in regular exercises act as preventive measures.

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